My very first cosplay was Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. While my mom was still in the building I didn't have to have her walk by my side. I actually felt independent. I may have helped that I was with a childhood friend but I was interacting with people and approaching them for pictures when I am normally a quite mouse. Since then I now make my own cosplays. (3 years now)
I was devastated when actor Cameron Boyce passed away in his sleep due to a seizure. Disney's Descendants is my all time favorite movie and Carlos deVil is my favorite character. Because like me he was a quite mouse in the corner until he found his passion that helped him come out of his shell.
Cosplay has also helped with my depression and brought me from the brink of suicide. I was in a dark place for a short time. But after that one anime con and a long talk with my mother and doctor I realized I am important. I am loved. And it hurts my heart to think that I thought about leaving my loved ones behind. Even my fur baby who also helped me through difficult times.
I am upright to say that I no longer scratch my chest or pull of the corners of my toenails. It has been 5 years since then.

That's my story.
Cosplay not only helps with my anxiety and depression, but I like to think that it saved my life.
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