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Don’t know what’s wrong

I feel like I’ve ruined my body. It feels like it’s rotting away and no showering will make me feel clean again. My mouth is so uncomfortable and every day my lips are peeling I feel totally inflamed and have strained limbs. I’m not sleeping well these past couple of months or this past year and lying down I feel like my whole cardiovascular system is breaking down. I’m having discomfort speaking, eating getting dressed, smiling is uncomfortable had a recent dental procedure but basically I don’t know what’s going on. I’m feeling now that my lifestyle when I was younger eating junk food and constantly drinking juice or coffees from McDonald’s or Tim’s or from wherever else has ruined my body. Drinking alcohol as a teen and using psychiatric drugs that weren’t mine. What have I done. My whole head feels uncomfortable. I don’t know what’s wrong with my body but something feels very off. #Doctor #ChronicPain #Pain #discomfort #Depression #Anxiety #Death