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Frustrating encounter with doctor

I met with my primary care doctor last week and he told me once again that I need to exercise more and lose weight. Which I'm trying to do, but I have trouble exercising enough because I'm so tired, I'll fall asleep on the gym equipment. And then when I get home, I need a 3 hour nap afterwards, then wake up sleep drunk. I'm walking a fair bit because I'm not safe to drive. The kicker was that my doctor said he would refer me to the board certified sleep specialist (instead of my usual pulmonologist) for a second opinion, but he said the sleep doc would just tell me if I lost weight I would be less sleepy. This is telling me he doesn't understand IH. My doctor thinks everything's because of my weight and thinks I eat tons of food all the time. I'm on meds that make me gain weight and struggle to eat often enough.
#IdiopathicHypersomnia #weightgain #DoctorsDontKnowEverything #discouraged

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Healthcare Providers Are Drug Pushers

FYI: It’s a rhetorical question!!! The answer is absolutely YES!!! 💯💯💯💯 This is not an attack on individuals that take medication. My problems 1). Providers only push pharmaceuticals 2). Insurance companies only cover pharmaceuticals and will not cover anything natural like going to a chiropractor (for a disability), acupuncture, yoga, tai chi and pilates. 3). I view this as insurance companies saying, “we will only cover pharmaceuticals with 5,999 side effects. We do not give a shit if you might be allergic and can not take the recommended pharmaceuticals or if you do not believe in taking them. We will not pay for anything natural with no side effects because we do not get a cut of money out of that. #Doctorsaredrugdealers #DoctorsDontKnowEverything #Bigpharma #SideEffects #Naturalremedies #SpoonieProblems #HealthInsurance #Fibromyalgia #HashimotosThyroiditis #IdiopathicAngioedema #AutoimmuneUrticaria #Eczema #Glutensensitivity #Spoonies


Have you known that something was medically wrong with you before your doctor did? #Itsmybody #MedicalTreatments #pancreatitis

I had two drains coming out of my stomach area and kept telling the nurse that something was hitting my lungs, they thought it was just my pancreas expanding. Long story made much shorter the drains needed to be pulled about 2 inches back out. Has something like this happen to you? #DoctorsDontKnowEverything !