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    Good Day 😊

    <p>Good Day 😊</p>
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    Weight Gain

    <p>Weight Gain</p>
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    Trauma and weight gain

    I've been doing a lot of research on this subject. I want to be healthier and that includes my physical health. What I've been reading is quite interesting. Besides a healthier diet, what else do you suggest? #weightgain #Trauma #PTSDSupportAndRecovery

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    Weight Gain

    I’m really struggling currently with the weight I have gained on my bipolar med, vraylar! Since starting in February, I have gained a whopping 40lbs!!! I am so depressed, I sleep the days and nights away, I have zero energy, and most days have a hard time even getting out of bed.
    Has anyone else experienced weight gain, if so, have you found anything effective in counteracting it with your meds?
    Is there a med out there that doesn’t cause weight gain that I can consult with my doctor about?
    I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror, don’t want to take part in any activities with family or friends, and none of my clothes fit!

    Sure my mood is stable, but at the expense of a deep depression because Of my weight gain!

    #BipolarDepression #weightgain

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    Community Voices

    Morning coffee thoughts #MentalHealth #Recovery

    My days start early since I’ve been on medication for my mental health, sometimes 3 or 4 am .
    Yesterday I treated myself to a new coffee pot and I’m reminded of the little things I get to enjoy now . The simple smell of freshly brewed coffee.
    These little simply things out weigh my medication weight gain .
    Having clear thinking is helping me tackle a physically difficult situation , like working on a weight loss goal .
    I have also been in recovery from addiction for 18 years and one of the memories I have of early recovery is the gratitude I had for the smell of freshly brewed coffee and waking up clean and sober . Gratitude for the gift of having endless possibilities for my day because using wasn’t apart of my existence.

    Gratitude still has the ability to remind me of how blessed I am to still have another day to live .

    I think once we experience a terrible darkness in our lives with such despair, we are eventually gifted with the ability to see the simple everyday things some take for granted. Gifts of everyday possibilities for sharing our experience of coming through to the other side which is so full of light .
    Coffee cheers to you .
    #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #Gratitude #weightgain #wellness

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    I’ve been struggling with a lot of weight gain due to my many medications I take to keep my mental health in check .
    Today I weighed myself and finally saw the scale drop 3 lbs .
    I’m counting this as a small victory.
    I’ve been doing daily workouts and eating better without any results except the scale moving up but today I have hope that my hard work is paying off .
    I’m grateful for the combinations of medications that allow me to function and stay hopeful, for today .
    I’ve learned to take it one day at a time .
    Today is a good day .

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    Psyche meds and trying to lose weight.

    I have been taking psyche meds for more than 20 years.I have type 2 diabetes and my doctor told me i need to shed some weight.my blood sugars have been high too.The meds make me very hungry especially at night.My doctor gave me a new med called Trulicity its a weekly shot its supposed to curb my appetite and help me lose weight.I really hope it works and i just started running today to help lower my sugars.I will try my best to take care of my health,theres great benefits to mental health from exercise too.#SchizoaffectiveDisorder #weightgain

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