Today I lost my baby. I can’t believe she’s gone. It’s unreal. She looked ok this morning. Sesame took a piece of my heart with her. I can’t stop crying. So Brave and strong. I love loved her with all my heart. She came into my life and 2 weeks later I noticed she had a ruptured crop. You would of never known. She had surgery like a trooper. Unfortunately she had to have a few follow ups and the wound was resutured and stapled. This happened a few times. Sesame the Brave. My strong sweet little precious bird. I can’t believe she’s not here. I keep looking at her area and not seeing her perched is heartbreaking. This pain is unbearable. I wanted her to live a long life with me. But she’s gone. I can’t lose anyone else. I would of done anything for her. I feel terrible. She had a ecollar on the last few weeks of her life to prevent her from getting to her surgery site. Sesame strong sweet Brave precious little baby girl. Her wound opened and had surgery yesterday . I brought her home last night. This time she had a bandage wrap over the surgery site to prevent her from getting to it. I checked her a few times. This morning she looked ok. She drank a little water and tried to eat but with limited mobility she couldn’t get to it. So I elevated them for her but she was ready for a nap. I stayed in the room with her awhile and I had to leave her to take care of the rest of the critters outside. I set up a camera in the room so I could watch her. I took my chicken Gabby out for a walk and then looked at the video . Sesame was lying down. I knew right away something was wrong. I threw gabby back in her house and ran inside. My precious baby girl was dead. Her roommate Hazelnut who stays in the room with her was near her cage. I love my Sesame and want her back. I’m so sorry Sesame. Mama loves you. Mama loves you so much. Fly free my baby girl. You have no pain and no worries. Be in heaven and know you are missed and loved so much. I love you my Sesame the Brave. My Sesame is one of my kids. I only had her since September but quickly became my little love . My heart aches. My head aches. I’m sorry my baby. I feel numb. She was very much a part of my everyday life. Morning noon night. The looking and talking to her always. Now a whole in my heart. I’m lost. I told my husband before ,as I had to drive over an hour to get to her veterinary appointments, if anything happened and it was a choice to save me or Sesame..... save Sesame. She was a special bird . I want to be strong. I want to be Brave. Like my precious Sesame. Mama loves you. Goodnight my sweet baby girl mama loves you always. #Depression #TherapyAnimal #ChronicPain #sad #Dove #Effexor #Brave