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Being blessed with having Down’s syndrome in your life , this is Noah age 7 who rocks the extra chromosome and his 2 year old brother bobby

I just feel so blessed to have been lucky enough to be living this journey with Noah and it makes his siblings macey and Noah and cousins aware of Down’s syndrome, at the moment Noah is Noah and Noah always will be Noah in our friends and family’s life’s but there is a lot of ignorant people out there and Noah will never ever be made to feel any different, and he’s absolutely rocking his alopecia 💙💛 #DownsSyndrome #Alopecia #Siblings #loveourjourney

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Just A Little About Me #DownsSyndrome #aboutme #creative

Hey Guys I'm Devon Stearns.. I know I didn't fully introduce myself. But I thought why, not. It's always great to get know one another, with stories which will hopefully inspire and create an encouraging community. I was born with Mosaic Downs Syndrome. Which means it normally occurs in two percent of people with Downs Syndrome. Basically what it actually is is normal cells and with a mixture of an extra chromosome. One thing you've probably known about me so far from what you see on my page is photography and poetry. I never seen my life as inspiring but to everyone else it’s different it is like a window that looks in from how people get to know you. I also have OCD, people make fun of the abbreviation that stands for it. Some see it a cute little joke, Obessive Cleaning Disorder but it is more than that. I used to struggle with it really bad till I got the right help for it as I would step outside in cold weather in shorts and it would be a constant struggle to adapt to seasons. This ritual went on for a long time, eventually it got treated and with CBT retraining it got better and with the proper medication. It took a long time for the habit of rituals to decrease. It was so long ago, but with the right tools and hard work I persisted to get it done. My ocd is still there as it is with me for life, but it is manageable now. but I have however grabbed my mom’s camera at the age of eight and I discovered that I loved photography. It became my main love, and as we had company out, or if we had a party I’d be the photographer there to help out. My mom however soon noticed from all the company was over pictures would begin. It started from landscapes, to people, animals that would be fed from the feeder I would be there. She decided that it was best to have my own camera, it was a standard digital camera. At this point I took my camera everywhere, it wasn’t till 2010 that I owned my very first DSLR. It was my go to camera, I used it an awful lot. With my social media in 2009 progressed. My friend saw my posts as inspiring and very positive as she did tell me she would talk to her computer screen saying “you go girl!” My extra push was from that close friend as I did even land my very first photography gig. Thus my journey began from there as Frog Island Photography which I now cover topics from mental health, poems, animals and more topic blogs of my photography. When we put our minds to something positive and powerful you can do anything you put your mind too. Just know to never give up. #DownsSyndrome #inspire #creative #aboutme #OCD


Any ideas on how to deal with #DownsSyndrome and puberty?

My friend's daughter is starting puberty BUT she has severe learning difficulties and cannot be reasoned with. Has anyone got any ideas on how to prep her or deal with her period (she gets really upset at the sight of blood)