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    There’s a hole in my bucket

    Do you remember that children’s song, “There’s a hole in my bucket Dear Liza, Dear Liza, We’ll that’s how I’m feeling. This past year has been particularly painful! Now the holidays are here and the hole in my bucket is getting larger. I’m married and am close to my husband’s family, but am estranged from mine. I miss my closest in age sibling intensely and unfortunately can’t find a path to reconnect to him. I’ve burned all my bridges to the ground. I wish that I had at least one of my own blood relatives as a connection. I’m grateful for my husband and his family but I miss my own bloodline. #Loneliness #Siblings .

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    I spoke to my younger sister yesterday(we’re flying back East for my youngest nephew’s b’ar mitzvah). At some point, I mentioned the dates that we were thinking of flying out. Her response? When you visit someone, it’s nice to give them dates. Does she think I was born under a rock? That’s why I started the conversation Yesterday. As someone who lives in the Disabled community, my whole life is about Logistics(figuring out where that piece of the puzzle goes). Yeah, but Erika this is my puzzle is the response I got from her. HELP!
    If she weren’t 3,000 miles away, I’d have a conversation about how she “really” sees me.