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    What to do when someone calls me a whimp? Or calls me out ofmy name?

    Remember retaliation should be the last alternative, Remember we have mental illnesses so most of us can be very creative and think outside of the box to maneuvers the situation in our favor. Also Remember that vintage terminology, sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words will, never hurt me. The other thing is as your walking away the other person looks very stupid talking to themselves and eventually they will be quiet. #whimp #BPD #mentalilnesses #creative

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    Not sleeping well?

    Here’s a way to turn a not-so-fun experience of bad sleep into a fun game in the morning.

    #badsleep #bingo #ChronicPain #Endometriosis #Hypothyroidism #Osteoarthritis #Sleep #Pain #morning #positive #Brightside #creative #problemsolving


    What a pain in the hands

    #Pain #creative #Fatigue
    I'm a creative person who is trying to support myself through my art. Unfortunately I also have PTSD, anxiety, severe depression and fibromyalgia.
    After 2 long drives in 2 days I'm down. I need something to do while I rest in bed, unfortunately I don't know what as even typing this is difficult for the pain and fatigue. I have never been able to just sit still.
    I am hoping someone can help me with this.

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    Creative outlets are the balm!

    I started trying to get back to creating art, back to my artistic self. So, to ease into it, I’ve been making cards from dried pressed flowers and petals, from my garden. I’ve been embellishing them with paint, and highlighted details. It’s time consuming but extremely relaxing. It reminds me of adult coloring books, in its mind releasing and emotion settling qualities. It’s serene, it’s contentment..It’s finding a happy space. #Art #ArtTherapy #creative #PTSD #Survivor #BeYourself #Selflove


    Art Is no Longer Enough?

    I have found myself no longer truly inspired. I think finishing my latest piece has burned me out and now when I start a new illustration, I can't be bothered to continue it. I'm really hoping that it's just being burned out and not something more. I can't imagine never picking up a pen again and creating. Any creatives out there know what I'm going through?
    #Art #Depression #Anxiety #creative #Drawing #Advice #help

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    Be #creative and #try something #New !

    I bought a cute kit from #Target that had brought me small joy. It comes with paint, two brushes, and two things to paint on front and back. What kind of items do you use for your outlet for #Anxiety ? How do you practice #Mindfulness ?


    These four walls

    They say a fly on the wall hears everything
    But to be a fly on the wall, would you see my fears, hear my pain? Will you feel my nightmares
    These four walls are my best listeners
    These four walls have heard me in my brightest days and my darkest nights
    If you were a fly on the wall, would you be ready to hear what these walls have heard
    Or will you turn and run?

    Just a bit of writing I did today
    Follow @afspoetry on instagram for similar stuff
    Just how I been feeling.
    #Depression #Anxiety #Poem #creative #MightyPoets