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When your past catches up to you in the best of ways!

I am so thankful for this day, just today. I will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. How do you respond today?


'Hey Bearded I heard a story from u when u used 2 use hard drugs what was the pivotal moment that made u want to change and take action. '


“I am not sure. I became frustrated that I was not good at dying so had to become better at living. Maybe *so, maybe God, maybe I can be cowardly deep down and it's harder facing life than death, **I needed to not be cowardly**. I hated the endless cycle of screwing up, the resulting depression/suicide thoughts and attempts, I hate the idea that I was in a hamster wheel, and had to get out, not knowing what that would entail, I did it anyway. It is still very, very hard, but have been a lot happier recently. How you been? Anything I can do to help?”

I am so much further from perfect than I am from my 'past' yet I am proud of myself today. Celebrate the small victories, and give back.

We are **NOT**carried through these storms without purpose, we are destined to use our stories, even our raw ones, as long as they are truthful, they can be used for good, for impact, maybe even to save another persons life.

There is something to be said, lots actually, about receiving a lesson when giving to others.

Enjoy your day, don't miss the opportunities.