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    #Christian #MightyPets #Christian #Cat

    Many of you may remember my fur baby Melvin Lick. I thought he had been doing better but we took him for a vet checkup and to figure out how far along his stage of kidney failure was. While there where some good news, the overal verdict is he is in the final stages of kidney failure and he also has Hyperthyroid disease. The truth of the matter is that he had not gained any weight since coming out of that horrible boarding house. We might lose him soon. As of today he has stopped drinking, and he barely ate. Right now he doesn’t want liquid or food. There is still one med that he might go on, however I’m unsure that it will work. I’m asking for #Prayer from all followers of Jesus Christ to pray for his healing 🙏❤️‍🩹 Also that if God want’s to take Melvin home soon that he would take Melvin with as little suffering as possible.

    I’ve been so blessed to be his caretaker, his PawPaw 😇 and I will feel a sense of relief when he goes to be with Jesus where there will be no more suffering. But at the same time I am going to miss my boy 😭 even now I feel sad. My Mom and I have done what we can. The most powerful thing that can be done now is praying 🙏 and to make sure Melvin is as comfortable as we can while waiting for God’s healing weather that is a physical healing or taking Melvin to be with Him. How I long for the day Jesus Christ will return and I will be reunited with not just Melvin Lick, but all the Cats that have ever been a part of our family. For right now though my heart is aching and breaking 💔 there will always be a piece of me that misses Melvin Lick.

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    #TimePassing #Christian #lonely

    Yep, I’m feeling like that awkward guy in the picture. Confused 🫤 has no idea what is going on, and alone. I really don’t like it when these feelings arise. It’s only natural that they do though. Humans aren’t meant to be isolated for so long.
    My name is Brennan I’m 33 years old, a follower of Jesus Christ. I’m an introvert, something I’ve been wanting to change. What can I say old habits die hard. I’ve been socially awkward all of my life. This is due to being on the Autistic spectrum. I was diagnosed with OCD/ADHD and Aspergers was what it was called at the time, now high functioning Autism. I also get drained of my energy very quickly.
    I struggle with anxiety and depression and loneliness I don’t have many friends and the few that I have are really busy or I’m so exhausted that I don’t have the energy to drive safely. New people I meet in groups seem to have very busy lives as well. I know my life will become more busy soon. I also have a desire to marry, but am afraid I may be a hassle to whom I marry.
    I know that marriage is not like the Hollywood movies and how media portrays it or lack there of in much media. I want to bless my future wife not be a curse to her because of my ailments. I also know that marriage isn’t what is going to fulfill my life. God’s calling will fulfill my life. If he has marriage planned for me in the future then I praise him! If God doesn’t have marriage in his plan for me then I will praise him! I can’t help but hope though. It has been one of my dreams to marry. I know God cares about our dreams even if they are not in synch with his will he still cares about our feelings. And I can’t say that marriage is not in his will for me. Can’t say it is either.
    Right now though, I have a need time aside from church meetings and functions with my brothers and sisters.
    Ugh 😩 I feel so defective. There are so many things wrong with me. Yet there are many gifts 🎁 God has given me. Skills in certain areas. It’s just so hard to deal with all the inadequacies in me. My short temper 😡 My impatience. My social anxiety. My lack of social skills.
    I know I’m not supposed to compare myself to others but it’s hard not to. I realize that the people I see functioning on a much higher level than me have their problems even if I can’t see them.
    It’s just discouraging seeing so many people younger than me functioning at what appears to be a much higher level. It makes me embarrassed about how my own life is going.
    With all that being said there are a lot of things that I have going for me. I just needed to vent a bit. Thank you everyone. Actually I tend to crave reassurance and that isn’t something I should be seeking. Knowing that this reassurance craving is something caused by my OCD.

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    #MakeMeLaugh #MightyPets #Christian

    Yes this is quite accurate 🤣 oh I love cats so much! They bring so much joy laughter and comfurrt…pun intended 😹

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    #MakeMeLaugh #Christian #laughingmyheadoff

    This is too good🤣🤣🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    #MightyPets #Cat #Christian #Comfort

    Well Melvin Lick 👅 Greats everyone and would like to say he is doing well. God has restored his health! He was at deaths doorstep, but now he is enjoying life and enjoying his family immensely! For those who didn’t know Melvin had to be separated from his family for half a year. The boarding house that took him in did not take good care of him and almost killed him. He was only seven pounds when we got him back. We gave special instructions to the people who run that boarding house because Melvin has Kidney failure.
    Anyway though through a lot of prayer and seeking out ways to help him, he is healthy again! And loving the little house bed I bought him! The little cutie 🥰🥰

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    #MightyPets #MakeMeLaugh #Christian

    Laugh it up fuzz ball. 😹😹😹

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    #MightyPets #Makemlaugh #Christian

    Good kitty 👍 that Elf 🧝‍♂️ always creeped my out.

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    #MightyPets #Makemelaigh #Christian



    #Cats #FindingAHome #Christian #EmtionalSupportAnimal

    I’m quite frustrated. A lot of rentals don’t allow pets and some of the ones that do don’t allow cats 🐈‍⬛ yet allow dogs 🐕. I love cats they are emotional support animals for me. They comfort me so much. This place has animal bigotry. Dogs can cause just as much a mess and damage as cats. I’ve seen the pee mess from a dog left on the bed at an Air and B rental that was left on the formerly white bed. Argh 😡