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Embr Wave

Has anyone tried this device? The #embrwave Apparently it’s a “personal thermostat”. It can cool you down or even warm you up with the push of a button. It is real pricey, around $300. It sounds real gimmicky to me but as someone who suffers from #Fibromyaliga with pretty intense #heatintolerance where I can even be too warm here in the Chicago winters. This is something I want to try but the price tag is holding me back.


Embr Wave

Embr Wave Review ------------------------------------------------------------------- So I saw this magical device in an ad on Facebook called 'Embr Wave' it claims to help regulate personal body temperature. I wanted to hear reviews from actual people not employees. I searched far and wide to find anyone who has tried this device. Took a lot of online detective work to find then contact those who claim they have one. There was a long list of questions I asked to feel out if it was given free to them or they were paid for a positive review. They got it at a special discount and only had good things to day about it. They loved it and use it frequently and love every function of it. So I waited a few pay checks and decided to take the leap and get one with the Afirm payment plan. It came quickly and I expected to return it in a week when it proved ineffective. Surprisingly it works well. Doesn't stop heat flashes but takes the edge off of them in a matter of seconds. I use it when I go outside or vacuum. I'm going to try it at work today. I haven't used the heat function as I run hot not cold but people claim it works better then the cooling function. The only down side is it's bulky and if you where a heart rate monitoring smart watch it doesn't work on the same wrist so you would be wearing one something on both wrists instead of one. It's because of the size that I don't wear it all the time only pull it out when I need it. Now everything doesn't work for everyone so please pay attention to your window to return it as it has a money back guarantee. #embrwave #heatflashes #tempetureintolerence #Technology #managesymptoms #potssyndrome
#coldsensitive #heatsensitive #AdaptiveTechnology #newtech #productreview

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