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“Gift” of learning to live with a #narcissiticspouse /abuse.

My journey has given me amazing steps in learning to be me; a trajectory upward in not being afraid to due-dilligently be me, no matter come what may; I fully trust myself—one of many things to remind myself of, when my #emotionallyabusivespouse aims to remind me that “he’s the smart one.” (I chuckle at that. He is going through daily radiation treament for prostate cancer. He’s experiencing/processing fear, stress,in his own way—I cannot be his emotional support; as a nature I am nurturer but I have no desire to give what I can’t get back. No time limit on these things. I’m grateful and fortunate to have minutes/moments when I feel content, pleased with myself. I worked darn hard, for decades! I digress! Now that I’ve shared that, I wish you a blessed day. We are worth it.

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My head is exploding!

Given many factors beyond my control I ‘choose’ to share a roof with my #narcissistic , #controling , #emotionallyabusivespouse and therefore must live with all this entails. I need to vent; must try to let frustrations and anger rule me. Yes, the are normal feelings/emotions and I struggle with “letting go.” One day at a time my focus is reframing my thoughts on my situation(s). I focus on the positive; focus also on my anger progressing to rage then mania. Sigh. Venting here on The Mighty helps focus my thoughts in a truly positive way, with you wonderful MIGHTIES. I’d love to here advice/feedback on processing anger. HELP!😂