Today I had to go to the ER, went to dentist Monday they gave me Amoxicillin because I have an infection in my face ever since my throat has been sore and swollen so do tells me to go. I get there I’m all excited even tho pain is through the roof a new friend with lupus recommend I go there everyone’s great even the ER, doc comes in we’re talking I’m telling him what’s wrong and he goes well why are you here? I tell him my doctor told me to come in and he says they wouldn’t see you I’m like no they said ER guy with the big degree🙄, he’s like well let’s get some bloodwork so they did that and after a pretty short wait time he’s like my labs were fine, so I question him like I know my body somethings not right annoyed I’m sure he’s like let’s get urine that comes back unusually quickly too he says I have a urine infection doesn’t say specifically I’m thinking forget it I’ll read the paper work, ITS NOT THERE so I’m gonna call and have my doctor request everything tomorrow morning #Lupus #ER #ERVISIT #Annoyed #tired #CVID #CommonVariableImmuneDeficiency