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× " I Feel Like My Kindness ¥ Independence... Are Pushing People Away From Me... " × #Annoyed #confused

° " Being Independent Is Like Survival Mode For Me... And When I Meet A Guy I Have To Swallow My Pride And Shut Down... And Let Them Pay For Thing's... I'm Not Used To It Because Of The Way My Ex Treated Me... And Made Me Very Dependant On Him... So Why Would I Let Another Man... Pay For My Thing's... So That Later On... If We Are Still Seeing One Another... And Tell Me That I Need To Do More And Pay For Thing's... No Thx... I'm Good Paying For Myself... And Yet The Men Get Disappointed... I'm The Type Of Person That Doesn't Like Asking For Thing's... Or Favor's... Because Later It Could Become A Form Of Abuse Or Even Blackmail.. Over Money... So I Like Being Able To Pay Off My Bill's... And It's A Turn Off To Some Dude's I Don't Get It... I Don't Want Men To Feel Like I'm Just Using Them... For Thing's It's Not In Me... So That's Why I Haven't Been On Another Date Since The Last Guy... " • #lost #Thought 's ☆▪︎☆Skaoi Kvitravn☆▪︎☆

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× " Why Are Manager's Especially G.M.'s Get Very Defensive And Agaitated... When Employee's Ask Question's... " × #Annoyed #exhusted

° " So After Work My Main Female Boss Asked Me... If I Would Work 2 Night Shift's... Um OK Whatever.. I Said Yes... And Then All I Asked Was If I Was Going To Get Paid Alittle More... For Working The Night Shift... And She Gave Me Additdude... She Told Me That She Wasn't Going To Pay Me.. More For 2 Day's Of Working Night's... So That Really Answered My Real Question.. About A Pay Raise After All The B.S. I Do At This Place.. People And Companie's Are Definitely Greedy... So Still It's Going To Happen Everywhere Else... Then Why Ask Me For Help If You Don't See Any Value In Me Or My Work Ethic At All.." #depressed Sincerely, •S.K.•

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° " Why Is My Fault For The Miscommunication?? " ° #Work

• " So... Apparently I Was Scheduled To Work Today... But What I Understood When I Talked To My Boss Was.. That I Was Off Today ( Wednesday ) And Off Sunday... Now She's Telling Me That Off Actually Off On ( Thursday ) And Sun.. Like Communicate Correctly.. So I Got Into A Fight With Her This Morning... I Had Already At 6am Ordered My Grocerie's. So I Wasn't Going To Cancel That... Let's See I Sense That Someone Will Not Show Up Tomarrow Anyway's.. And I Will Get Called In.. I Even Asked Just To Switch The Day's.. And I Got A NO!... Whatever People Need To Be More Clearer About Thier Scheduling... She Can Be Mad All She Want's I Asked Her Twice If These Were The Correct Day's Because She Didn't Print Out The Schedule. Yet... " • #Annoyed ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ S.K. ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎

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The Store manager NEVER called me today.,about the sisatution with the self check out yesterday. (Not giving me back my money). I knew they wouldn't. So you are out 10 bucks, i know it's not much to some people. Not sure what to do now. I'm never using a self check out again. More or less if using $ better to use correct money. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Annoyed

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IK hate self check outs, the only reason i used it today. I was only buying cat food. I put in a 20 bucks and didn't get back 10 dollars. The stupid computer read wrong on the sales receipt it said i gave 10 bucks. I did try to speak up and say what happened. They didn't really believe me, They looked on the video cam and said they couldn't tell i gace 20 bucks. I have to wait till tommorry when they do a book keeping on the that self check out. If they are over the money. I get it back. I'm never using self out again. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #Annoyed

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▪︎ " So I Was Mood Wise Ok Until.... " ▪︎ #Annoyed

• " So Omw Home I Was Getting Bombarded With... Why I Don't Have Any Friend's Or Guy That I'm Intrested In Yet... And That I'm Going To Die Alone And Extremely Bitter Just Like My Mother... I Was Having Such A Postive Mood Day... And Then My Sister In Law Just Had To Set Me Off... Like Why Do You Care That I Don't Like To Go Anywhere Or Spend Any Money Or Sit There And Open Up To Random People That I Don't Know... I'm Like So Freaking Tired Of People Constantly Asking To Just Be An Extrovert And Blow Money That I Barely Have... And I'm Not This Bitter Person That She Supposedly Think's That I'am... I'm So Done Expressing My Feeling's And What's Bugging Me... Because It All Come's Back Negatively Against Me..." ° Sincerely, ~ Skaoi Kvitravn ~ #Thought 's

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× " I Got Called And Texted.. This Morning By My Boss " × #TheyCanNeverAnything

× " So I'm So Sore And I Can Barely Move... My Hand's Are Killing Me... I Got A Text Saying Where Are You? ... She Litterly Saw Me At Work Yesterday.. And Now You Want Me To Come In... Like This Woman Cannot Run Anything Without Me Alway's Being Thier.. I'm Not Anything Special "I'm Replaceable " According To Her... And Now Feel's The Need To Call Me When I Miss A Day Of Work... She Freak's Out... But Never Does This To Anyone Else Just Me... I'm A Human Being Not Your Problem Solver... For Everything... I Feel Super Mentally Damaged And Drained And Physically Exhausted... And She Doesn't Care Or Will Never Get It.. She Will Just Keep Calling Me Lazy Etc. " × #Annoyed ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤Skaoi Kvitravn¤▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎

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I am so annoyed right now. I kept getting calls from my doctor saying I needed to schedule my appointment so I called them to verify why I kept getting called. They told me I was on the schedule for today 08/25/2022. I waste my time and money getting to the doctor to find out that I’m actually not in the schedule for today. The person I spoke with weeks prior misread todays date for last year’s. My doctor wasn’t even in the office today. So there was no point in trying to fight to be seen today anyway. Now I have to wait till October 🙃 I am beyond irritated. Doesn’t help that this migraine I have is literally hurting so badly. Today can suck it. #Irritated #Annoyed #doctorapointments #Migraine


I'M still feeling very out off about my worker not showing up on Sunday, I never got any call or message about yesterday today. I'm worried if anyone will come this week on Friday and Sunday. I guess all the #NegativeThoughts come to mind. I waited one full hour, and nobody came. Again no Email or phone # ca;ll stating nobody coming today or they are running late. My day with them is like from 12 to 3. So did i wait long enough? Should i have waited longer? I have no problems with another other worker i have. Just this one isn'rt dependable. She was late before and day was shorten. Came early once. She is nice and all but i don't think i want her for my worker anymore. I think i enjoy my time with my other ones better. Is that #Wrong to say or feel? I just want one that wants to do things withs. Staying all day at the group home doing crafts isn't fun. Unless it was a rainy or snowy day. Just how i feel. I still feel like because she is the bossy's daughter she can get away with this and slack off. This is a services for people. Ok just needed to vent. I'M gonna share this with my mental health worker and see what she says. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #Annoyed

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× " How Do People Come Up With $6,000 Saved Up With This Impossible Inflation " × #Annoyed

× " So I Keep Getting Told That I Need To Have 3x Rent Before Moving Anywhere... I Don't Have Enough As It Is... And Plus Doesn't It Really Take Up To 8 Year's To Come Up With This Type Of Money.. Then I Need A Different Profession If I Need This To Cover Rent... Which Is Stupid To Me.. I'm Pretty Sure Alot Of People Are Overworking Themselve's Just To Cover Everything.. And That's Not Fair Or Right.. This Affect's My Mental Health More Than Anything Because Of My Anxiety... I Have Experienced Being Homeless Already It's Not Pretty... And Bouncing From Diffrent Place's. " × #mentally Exhausting ☆☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆☆