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What Would You Do If You Found A Billion Dollar's On The Street Randomly?🤔#Explain #JUMP In👍

If I Found A Billion Dollar's...I Would frist check that if it was Indeed lost🤔👍If not I would definitely have bought myself a new home & car. Definitely donate to The Homeless.. Military Vet's...And Most Importantly to finally donate to The Mental Health System 👍🤗❤️💖💜.# Explain


Well if you're in that much pain then quit working #

Okay I work at I work with my boyfriend at a hotel and I was in extreme pain this is my second day working I asked if I can go home early an hour early cuz of the pain and I was told if I was in that much pain to just quit working I was told that by my boyfriend I just don't understand why so hard to #Explain to people the disease you have. #

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How do you explain to #Family you can’t #Travel

My parents are very upset that we didn’t travel 2 1/2 hours in blizzard like conditions for lunch today. I wasn’t able to walk on my own yesterday my husband was helping me on and off the toilet. I sat in my walker to brush my teeth yesterday. I need at least today to recover from yesterday. How do I #Explain this to my #Parents ?


I’m #exhausted to talking to anyone. Finding words to #Explain what in my head is like a puzzle and noone can be patient enough. Even #I don’t want to listen to #ME .