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Father’s Day - An Open Letter To An Absent Father

<p>Father’s Day - An Open Letter To An Absent Father</p>
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What causes negative self talk?

<p>What causes negative self talk?</p>
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Late diagnosis - where were my parents?

Traumatic childhoods are always difficult to deal with. After years of therapy finally someone diagnosed me with autism and adhd. Without going into too much of my symptoms, I keep wondering if my family had treated me better, they would have spared me some trauma? if they knew that I wasn’t a ‘bad’ child but my brain worked just differently. I keep wondering if I there was a way to not go though pain since 40 years. What if my parents just paid a little bit of attention and I got a diagnosis. Would I be contempt now? Is forgiveness possible? #ADHD #Autism #neurodivergent #Misophonia #Depression #Anxiety #forgive #Parents

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Community Voices

Recurring Dream

I just woke up from another dream with a very similar theme to what I've been experiencing the six months or so. The common theme is my parents (and occasionally my sister) invading my privacy. Typically, the situations have involved taking a shower, using the toilet, or getting situations where I might be naked or revealing private areas of my body. Sometimes in the dream, I find myself shouting or even screaming at them to get out, to go away, to let me do the activity in peace. But they don't even react and just double down on being there sometimes referring to their "right" to be there.
I'm a little afraid to explore what my dreams might be telling me, and I don't know where to start. For context, I haven't really been in contact with my parents for 1.5 years. I briefly saw them about 8 months ago. Would it benefit me in any way to dig into these dreams, or should I just let them be?

#dreams #dreaminterpretation #dreamanalysis #Childhood #Family #Parents #Privacy #Abuse #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma

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My dad has gaslit me today and claimed my I heritance wasn't mine after all... I feel empty but also completely anxious and overwhelmed.

The story isn't important. But the way I feel is significant. Everytime he lies to me and tells me what I recalled him saying is actually wrong and never happened I feel like an idiot. I feel like I'm over reacting. And I cry and act like how I cried as a child. I hyper ventilate and I spiral.

Does anyone have any tips or ways of dealing with parents who gaslight you? I think the fact it is over money is even worse as I'm not very money orientated. I just wanted to truth. But instead got lied to and told my version of events was completely wrong. It spins me out.

#Family #gaslight #Parents #Anxiety #overwhelmed

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Learning who I am

<p>Learning who I am</p>
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How can you build deep connections ?

I'm thinking maybe this is something that you can help me out with.

My entire life, I've never had deep connections .
And more so, It has been really rare when I felt I
loved someone. And I'm not only talking about
romantic love. Most of the people in my family I
don't feel l love...

Maybe it comes from the fact that from my birth
to now, I've never felt loved by my parents or
close ones, and that when I did, it ended up in
betrayal and lies.
Just to let you all know, I don't have trust issues (at least I don't think so ) , so that's not the core of the problem

But the thing is life without ever feeling loved or
giving love is too dull. I want to be able to love.

When I try to make friends, I always am the one
trying to get News from them to see if they're
ok, they don't seem to really care about me..

Maybe I'm just not that interesting

l'd love to have deep bonds with people , might
that be friends, family, or romantic partners.

Can anyone help me out please?

#Love #Parents #Friends #help

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Does anyone else really struggle with family not understanding your depression or anxiety etc? #Family #FamilyMember #FamilyAndFriends

My Mom never seems to understand my depression or even try to, she’ll say things like ‘just don’t think about it’, ‘you’re not helping yourself’ ‘you need to stop thinking about it’ etc. I mean if I could stop thinking about the things that torment me I would. Anyone would! I’ve tried to explain to her and I can see that she really doesn’t understand but the thing that hurts the most is that she doesn’t seem to try to understand either. I’m 33 now and have been struggling with depression since I was at school, so surely by now there should be some understanding of what helps and what doesn’t. At least some compassion? I don’t expect her to make me feel better, don’t get me wrong! It’s just I’d love it if she didn’t make me feel worse…
Been really struggling the last week being in isolation because of covid and having been messed about by a guy that I really seemed to click with who made it seem he wanted a relationship just to disappear then come back saying he’d been ‘really stupid’ and then to do it again three days later, he was arranging to see me for coffee so we could ‘spend some time together before Christmas’ two hours before saying it wasn’t working for him. That was on the 23rd. I guess I shouldn’t be so naive.
I’ve also not been able to see friends and family over Christmas and it just got too much. So I was finally feeling a bit better today and came out to see everyone and she was really grumpy with me and said ‘you just don’t help yourself do you, you can’t just lie in bed all day, you need to see someone, you’ve only had covid like everyone else’ - it wasn’t the covid that was making me feel so bad it was my depression and anxiety…I was going over every tiny detail of interaction with the guy that messed me about because I felt like it was my fault and I was beating myself up. I was finally winning and thinking it wasn’t my fault and feeling better and then Mom being like that with me just made me feel horrendous all over again. I’m exhausted honestly. #Dating #Parents #COVID19

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I was wondering. why should I forgive my parents when they hurt me. like they literally hit me until I bleed but they can shove my ass out of their house when I fucked up. #toxicparents #Family #Parents #ChronicDepression