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#Memory Disfunction and Bipolar 1 with psychosis and delusions

#im beginning to doubt my memories of past abuse. My memories have been so severely affected by my Bipolar 1 with psychosis and my BPD. I’m on so much medication and have been for years. There is proof, physical proof, that my memories of past abuse could not have happened. I’m devastated that my disease has caused me to accuse people of terrible things when I’m finally able to accept, because of being presented with physical evidence that the abuse couldn’t have happened. I’ve apologized, but so much hurt and damage has been done. #False Memories. I wish I could take all my accusations back!

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Being used #False friends

So, today I watched someone that I really like struggling with a friend who was trying to take advantage of her.
Just pushing and pushing a favor.
Friends do favor for each other, but there is a limit! And seeing her struggle kind of hurts, because I know how she feels.
I wish I could say anything, but I decided to listen and support her.
Be kind, we are all struggling, some days are harder than others. Be a good friend!

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#False Guilt Does anyone struggle with “ false guilt?” always apologizing for being a burden, afraid of being left alone?


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