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    One of those days

    I woke up heavy from the night before. I often wonder if depression gets tired of existing. Like don’t you get tired of affecting people….as if it were a person! SMH! I hate looking in the mirror, I hate existing, I hate being alive!
    I decided either I die or I disappear and don’t tell anyone where I’m going! Either way I gotta go!
    #im done # everythingistrash #Lifesucks

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    Tired of living

    #im just do tired of giving and not getting anything back.

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    Losing the Love Of My Life #Missingyou #im sorry

    I just lost my boyfriend to depression. He took his own like 2 days ago after writing a goodbye post on Facebook. I hurting so bad because all I can feel is that I’m at fault for it. I wish he would have atleast said goodbye. I loved this man with everything in me. He was such a great person who was dealing with so much. I have some anger because he received 700 likes and about 500 shares on his post but no one was there for him how he needed. I blame myself for most of it. I really want to be with him. I hope I can get through this heart break. My heart is so heavy. Why did I break up with him? Why was I so selfish to put myself first? Why? I’m trying not to question it but it’s hard not to when I KNOW I WAS THELAST STRAW. He confided in me. I loved this Man with all of me. FUCK.

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    Sudden anxiety attack

    #im having an anxiety attack but it has happened because of things out of my control I keep trying to calm down but I rationality came to the solution to fix and adjust on Monda

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    Woke up in a great mood

    <p>Woke up in a great mood</p>
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    Fife like thi😴s?
    Maybe? Hi #im julie

    Not only is it not #nothing it’s cool 😎 but it’s not right👎😎 #

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    Community Voices

    #im scared n not coping full stop

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    A trail of dead bodies where my good intentions are supposed to be.

    I shut down and shut everyone out when I get anxious, depressed and manic. After months of avoiding everyone I know I'm finally feeling friendly again. I've been apologizing to friends for ghosting on them with no warning. They seem to understand but I low key know some are offended. I just can't drag my friends into the brutal worlds I enter when in a bipolar episode. I try to protect them and I just end up hurting feelings. I have a really hard time reaching out for help because I feel like my bipolar disorder isn't accepted. I always feel guilty about how I cope.

    #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #dualdiagnosis # friendships #Family #iwishtheyunderstood #mental health # rejected if i dont act right#bipolarepisodes #Depression #Anxiety #Sadness #enduring #imsorry #extremeguilt #im horrible at Relationships

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    #im better today

    I’m better today. I’d been so so anxious and afraid for days. I’m not sure what changed but I’m grateful