I hope all are well. Phew! This has been one long challenging season! And this season seems to not have a calander end date. But I am listening to old music playlist that have carried me through some of those tough times. As I listen, I notice how every song has words about God and how he will carry us through everything we face.

Reflecting back as each song plays reminds me of enduring a very long marathon. Everything hurts. Yet the quick food and drink I digest has a purpose: they keep me going whilst providing me strength. Junk food simply does not work when on a challenging race or journey. Our souls need to be on a healthy diet, as we endure life, just like our physical bodies.

So, may we all feed our souls with sustaining messages rather than just feasting on junk (noise) simply because it sounds good, it’s popular, or it stirs old memories. #Feed your #soul , so you can endure…wait…in 2024!!! Wow! That motto just happened as I typed.😃💪🙏✝️

May you enjoy a beneficial 2024!