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    Thank You! #Christians on #TheMighty

    Thank you for praying and leaving encouraging messages on my last post. Here’s a short bio of my experience and why your encouragement touches me deeply.

    As a child, I was labeled a “slow learner” and “Learning Disabled.” Back then, no one knew of ADHD, OCD, or ANY type of alternative way of processing info during my formative years. So, after accepting myself as a failure, I was a wild-child by the time I became a teen. But that is when the Lord radically got ahold of my broken life.

    Long story short, I worked various jobs and spent many years working at ministry centers during my adult years. Then when I was in my forties, the Lord opened the door for me to return to college. And to my surprise, after earning my Associate’s degree, I was invited and accepted as a student at a leading Ivy League university. But this gift is meet with appreciation. I struggle with deep insecurities while attending the courses at this school because I am still in shock that I am attending this school. And this semester’s no exception. The required course I am taking has stirred deep emotions and anxiety.

    However, yesterday, I was able to sit still with the Lord, cry, write, share, and release my old memories of failure especially when studying mathematics, which I am taking this term….at….an Ivy League college!😳!!! Wow! But yesterday’s breakthrough involved me accepting this semester as a new beginning for setting new memories, even if I do not do well in the course. I am taking a mathematics course under the tutelage of a legendary professor. Only the Lord would lead me to this type of unimaginable place: no eye has seen (1 Corthians 2:9).

    Honestly, after I shared my thoughts, I thank you all for your prayers. I believe they led to the breakthrough I experienced. So, please continue to lift me up, if possible. Over fifty years of negative fear, anxiety, bad memories, and deep insecurity do not simply vanish. So, thank you for letting me share this story. I appreciate receiving replies from you, #TheMighty !

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    Why I journal

    It fights the lonliness, it fights the mundanity, it fights the night, it amuses me, it helps me to see that being yelled at really is an issue, sometimes it allows for gratitude, it incites a poem or two at times, it alleviates thoughts of worthlessness and suicide, it's comforting, it hopefully inspires, others write and there is a writing community, it fights fear and tear, it's cold out, it allows me to ask questions of myself or even others, it puts things in perspective, it fights for right and rights, there might be someone in the same boat, there might even be a parenting community, or caregiving community, there's often something of the day's posts to post on, it's therapy, Christmas time is hard, a good movie to watch is one with Paul Walker, Susan Sarandon and Penelope Cruz, kind of how lonely people come together at Christmas time, one visits the hospital, one's a cop or paramedic, and one's kind of an escort or at least a woman who would hope for her own family life, Christmas time is different for all of us, a lot of people turn their backs on the world, family, responsibilities, even food, some have no choice, I keep reading that suicide rates are higher in January than Christmas time, but I find that hard to believe, yeah Churches are open but as someone who tends to cry every Sunday there but one, I get how not even that could reach us, even if we are Lieutenant Dan sitting in the back, Pubs, Places to Visit the Sick, Malls, Shelters, who knows if it is all enough, how lonely were Sundays when stores were closed on them, how lonely is Thanksgiving um Black f ing Friday or Boxing Sledding Sleeping in Day, and who gets to go out on New Years only the lucky few, faithful or unfaithful marriages, synglehood, nursing home bound, hospital bound, suicidal, in pain, depressed, happy, Bipolar, Schitzphrenic, all struggles made especially harder by the Christmas season, so Peace to you

    #Writing #When Writing Helps #Lonliness #Christians

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    Quick update #Christians #Faith #Hope #Depression #MentalHealth

    It’s 3am. I just wanted to update you on my last post. Not long after posting we got a breakthrough so I took the post down. I was in a horrendous situation and was struggling to get heard. My screams of pain and tears didn’t seem enough to get things happening.

    There was a lot of pain and angst in the post and I didn’t want to distress people unnecessarily.

    When I provide my feedback to the hospital I will explain how 80% of the time they were excellent, 10% very good but the 10% that was atrocious must be looked at so no one else has to suffer.

    Thank you for your prayers.

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    #MightyPets #Christians

    Melvin is doing great! It’s amazing how well he has recovered! Thank you all who have been praying for him!

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    #MightyPets #praise #Christians #Christian #Cat

    Thank you all who have been praying for Melvin Lick! God provided a Medication that has him eating and drinking! He is gaining weight ❣️ He is happy and soaks up affection! He also gets to eat his favorite food to help him gain weight. Chicken! He was on deaths doorstep. Now he is recovering!

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    #Grief #Joy #Cat #Christians #Christian #MightyPets

    Well it looks like I’m going to be saying goodbye to Melvin Lick soon. He is in the later stages of kidney failure. He is also hiding at times which cats so when they feel they are getting close to death. I look forward to Jesus Christs return when I will be reunited with my prescious fur baby! And all the others that went to be with Jesus before him. I feel like I’m loosing a part of my soul. But I also want what is best for Melvin. He is going to be receiving lots of love until the time comes. He will be seeing the vet very soon. Unless God takes him first. I ask for prayer 🙏 from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! For Melvin and for his family! God bless you all!