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    Read Books = Grow Empathy #52SmallThings

    Did you know that reading can help grow your empathy powers? It's true! Think about it: When we read, we are witnessing the stories of others. We are experiencing other worlds, other modes of living, different ways of life, different religions and perspectives and values. When we do that, it allows us a moment to peer at life through a different lens. It humbles us. It challenges our own world views. It allows us to see that there is no right or wrong way to live; there's only living the best way we can. And when we learn from the characters we love and the stories we cherish, we open our hearts to bigger and brighter joys.

    Okay, favorite recent books? Share below!
    #Empathy #MentalHealth #feelyhuman


    I Will Listen #52SmallThings

    This week I will listen without ego without interruption with my whole heart present and available to those who need it. I will create space for humans to show up as themselves and to be who they are fully. #Empathy #52SmallThings #feelyhuman

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    I Am Feely Human. Hear Me Roar.

    Your feelings may feel like they are too much. Like they might just overwhelm, be too much for us to go on. But we hold them for a reason. They are part of us. They are essential ingredients to what makes us feely humans special. We feel deeply. And it may not be easy sometimes, and it may be uncomfortable, and it even may be all too much. But what helps me is to remember that it is in me to feel, to share those feelings, to embrace them wholly, to look at them head on. #IfYouFeelHopeless #Suicide #feelyhuman #MentalHealth

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    Empathy Is Your Superpower

    It’s good to remind ourselves of that. Empathy empowers us to connect, to truly lead with our hearts and seek to understand where our fellow feely humans are coming from—to meet them where they are.

    #IfYouFeelHopeless #Depression #Anxiety #Empathy #Suicide #SuicidePreventionWeek #feelyhuman