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Why Can’t You See #MightyPoets

They say put on a happy face
don’t let them see you cry It’s impossible to do it all so why must we even try

Stay positive and upbeat you have to remain strong But why is it that being weak is frowned upon and wrong

My body wants to give up but my heart’s still in the fight No matter what it takes I’m gonna push with all my might

People seem to come and go pretending that they care Grateful for my husband who has and will always be there

I know I am fortunate to have him by my side Sadly for a lot of us nobody holds on for the ride

Why can’t they see we didn’t want it this way
If only we could go back to our healthier days

My body is broken and consumed with pain But I push forward with faith knowing I have so much to gain

God is good He has never let me down
He paid the ultimate price
For me to wear my crown

Because of Him healing will come And because of Him
I will continue to run

#RareDisease #FibrosingMediastinitis #PulmonaryArterialHypertension #ChronicIllness #fightforacure #alwayshavehope

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