Hello all. My name is Kat, and I am a mental-illness Warrior on the path to wellness. I’m new here to 'The Mighty' and have already been awe-struck at the amount & diversity of transformational gifts contained herein.

As a childhood trauma survivor, along with the estranged family this comes with, my life began on a 'hard road' which has held me in waves since . However has been one I've directed myself along aswell; sometimes into 'greener pastures', other times not in the most advantageous environments - but, I am alive and determined to share my many stories of survival, my wisdom and to now, step into my new healing chapter here with an open mind, open eyes and open arms.

Those of us able to express our vulnerability, with courage and determination must advocate for those who cannot, or can no longer.

It is said in Australia - where I reside - the numbers of those with mental-illness diagnoses are 1 in 5. That is nearly 5 million of us, of which 800k with complex illnesses - as I have been diagnosed (5 of in 2017).

These numbers are pre-covid pandemic.

To me, diagnoses and stigma are the initially the societal battles that require my concerted efforts, and it looks I've found the place to be to learn how.



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