My trauma is all consuming and confusing I can’t think without overdoing and analyzing every word till Im losing the point of the root of the message and I forget the next steps in the routine trip on my feet stumble stutter and hope you don’t interrupt while I think
Im not done yet I’m not done yet
My point is that
I still haven’t made my point
I can’t think with all the static in my ears
And all the stuff in the viewfinder cant fucking focus or zoom in stuck on automatic with no swing in my step or skip in my spring
Bouncing bouncing
What do I even hold to be true to me?
I still haven’t made a point
Pointless, all of it,
So it would seem
Intelligent but still not like it seems
Intell me I’m in hell and it feels like you can tell and see
The sweat forming bead dripping down on my brow
All these thoughts just shot the fuck out
12 gauge, buckshot
Calibre to kill some time
Just don’t
Interrupt me
When I’m
For the point
Looking for the point
Mostly mostly
For the point
I’m still talking
Traffics really unpredictable
I still haven’t found out if I consider it all livable
#BipolarDisorder #Mania #Ramble #MightyPoets #BipolarStigma #FlightOfIdeas