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Great memory in Colmar

For those who asked for some photos from where I live #France #alsace (northeast of France) #naturelover
And you, where are you ? Show me a place you like to go to 🌱🌍🌌


why do I feel like I will be alone forever? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Divorce #France

I have BPD, I will be divorced within a month or so, I now live in France and left everyone I know in Canada. What I am experiencing is men only want to either have an affair, NO THANKS, or sex.
I tried living in Canada a while, same damn thing, I tried living in England same damn thing, now I’m in a remote area of France trying to get my life together, rebuilding I should say. small town of 3000 people and been here a month and already been approached by two men , who want to have affairs in secret. Uhhhhh wtf? I am a very kind and smart woman, I have a lot of compassion and would do anything to help someone in need, hence men trying to take advantage of me. ALL I WANT IS TO BE LOVED FOR ME!!!! Is that so hard to find? #helpless

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#Depression #Anxiety #Gay #France what it takes to a simple walk out

Was feeling empty after my work’s week.

I always try to get somewhere with the car Friday night, but since eight or ten weeks I just can’t. (My beard is a clear testimony of that, I just can’t tank care of complicated stuff other than my work’s).

Then this day I tried playing video games, the house got too plenty of people for me to handle. There I am, walking and waiting for the feeling of oxygen getting through my lungs. I feel so suffocated while in closed spaces - and it happens so often. Wish I can regain the strength to walk like this every time I feel I do need it.

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