#Anxiety Yes I have anxiety and panic attacks. I am not proud of this fact.
It is who I am. I distinctly remember my first anxiety attack. I was 13 years old .I attended a spaghetti dinner at a Baptist church within walking distance of my home. I heard some bible teaching that somehow scared me at the dinner.
I literally ran all the way home . I could not breathe. I was so afraid that my parents would disapprove of my visit to the church.
I was trying to please my parents . I had no idea what was happening.
I also remember blowing into a paper bag to calm down.
I still have panic attacks . I went to the ER just the other day. Yes my chest was hurting and my BP was high. I knew it was an Anxiety attack. I wanted to please the nurse at the OBGYN where I was having my panic attack and I went to the ER.
Anxiety attacks are a fact of my life. I am 64 years old.
My goal is to find a way to handle these attacks.I know that God has forgiven me and he is always there for me.
#Anxiety is real #Reality #overcoming
#I believe
#I am more than enough
#fully rely on God