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    Presume it one. Presume it the other.

    So, like Lyndsay Wagner in the Bionic Woman I have a remarkably attuned sense of hearing that can pick up frequencies that others can’t, catching voices upon the wind even though they are some distance from me. This being so, oh how I am loathed! I wonder why anyone could have the inclination or the time to trip around someone else’s life, picking it apart so meticulously. It’s deeply disturbing to accept the notion, that I have no true sense of privacy because people who are completely alien to me and are hell bent on my downfall have ravaged through it and ripped it to shreds.

    Or, my lucid imagination repeatedly sparks into creative overdrive bringing me a most unwelcome manifestation. Of course I’ve know such a thing for most of my life, although nothing as complicated as this - one voice after another with yet more and more still, all engaged in detailed conversation regarding me, all much to the negative I must add. Why my brain would play such torturous trickery upon me is a mystery.

    They’re real! They can’t possibly be! No, they are, and the threat is real. Shhh, all you need fear is your own shadow.

    I don’t know. I simply don’t know! #schizoaffective #Voices #Hallucinations #Reality

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    Chronic Illness is Not an Excuse

    <p><a href=" Illness" class="tm-embed-link  tm-autolink health-map" data-id="5b23ce6f00553f33fe98fe39" data-name="Chronic Illness" title="Chronic Illness" target="_blank">Chronic Illness</a> is Not an Excuse</p>
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    Paranoid or reality?

    How can you tell when something that is happening to you is just paranoid overthinking or its based in reality? I believe there is something awful out there about me on the internet accusing me of awful, untrue things, due to interactions and events that I connect together over a span of time. People tell me that I'm just being paranoid because they have not seen or heard anything and I haven't been able to find said post in all my searching. #Paranoid #Reality #pleasehelp

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    What is HappIneSS?

    <p>What is HappIneSS?</p>
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    Community Voices


    Community Voices

    #Grief and #Gratitude Can Dwell Together

    <p><a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Grief" href="/topic/grief/" data-id="5b23ce8400553f33fe9939d2" data-name="Grief" aria-label="hashtag Grief">#Grief</a>  and <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="gratitude" href="/topic/gratitude/" data-id="5b23ce8400553f33fe993981" data-name="gratitude" aria-label="hashtag gratitude">#Gratitude</a>  Can Dwell Together</p>
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    Community Voices
    Community Voices