FND Bingo is more than just a game or “a bit of fun” – it helps to raise awareness of #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder and also helps to demonstrate how this debilitating condition differs from one person to the next!
This ‘FND Bingo Card’ – created by the fantastic’functionallyjess’ of Instagram – has meant that thousands of people from across the globe have been able to share their ‘Bingo Cards’ of symptoms.
Here is a blank ‘FND Bingo Card’ for anyone who is interested in joining in both playing FND Bingo and also raising #FNDAwareness .
To play:
* Save the ‘Bingo Card’ where you can edit the picture (for example your photos on your phone).
* Edit the picture by adding a tick, a line, anything to highlight the symptom(s) you have.
* Post your completed ‘FND Bingo Card’ to your social media accounts.

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