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× " O.M.F.G!! I'm Dying From Laughing So Hard.. Why? " × #StacyDash #tic Tok #Video

× " Sooo Here's The Story She Posted A Video Of Herself Cry Fake Tear's.. For Attention Out Of Nowhere She Say's That Today Sept 1st That She Has Just Learned That Rapper D.M.X Passed Away Like That's Definitely Old New's.. She Posted This Video On Tik Toc.. And Now She's An Even Bigger Laughing Stock Sigh... What A Sad World That We Truly Have To Live In Lolz " ☆ Take Care ☆ SKADI ☆ #funnypost

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Wanted to stay in bed today but this Person just keeps blowing up my phone Every Morning! 🤣🤣

Does this happen to Anyone else? You wake up in the morning, you smell the aroma of coffee & you’re like, nothing sounds better than to just stay in bed. But then this person just keeps blowing up your phone & keeps nagging you, Get Up you lazy bum & join me for your Hot morning cup of Morning Joy! I won’t leave you alone until you drag your butt out of that bed! 🤣🤣🤣…I’m seriously thinking of blocking this number because it just won’t leave me Alone 🤣🤣🤣

#funnypost #INeedToLaugh #IHaveToLaugh #INeedNothingElseButtToLaugh #laughteristhebestmedicine #coffee #WarmCupOfJo

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For anyone having a tough day-

Remember, there's a sheep out there that loves you. 😉

This little bundle of fluff, Ri- short for Ricotta, snuggles everyone and everything. Dogs, chickens, people-

Doesn't matter who you are.
She loves you.

And she'd cuddle you all day long if needed.

Why are animals so good to us? ❤️

#funnypost #lightheartedpost #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #Nature #Love #Animals