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Here's a pic my hubby took a few weeks ago before all the leaves came in.


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How do you cope when you’re super happy and then suddenly a bad thought makes you depressed?

Had a bunch of fun today went to cat shelter to volunteer, went for a super long walk like 1 h or 1h 30 mins kind of. Hung out with a friend at the cat shelter 🐱 and then went to get some yummy Korean type of food at Krunch Chiken or something it’s called. Then went kayaking with my mom and dad even though they fight a lot lol. It was fun and really peaceful with the beautiful nature, I’m usually not this active at all but then suddenly one bad thought 💭 or one little thing kinda snaps you from all of that, I guess cuz im a little stressed out about all the to do things I need to do these few weeks and trying to get on top of it and not procrastinate etc.

But im trying I guess maybe I feel scared like oh im too happy and not anxious or depressed lately and something bad will happen and take it all away, or it’s too good to be true and soon I’ll be worse again. Idk I guess it’s hard you can’t always be happy or calm and it’s ok to accept sad emotions too it’s a balance of it all.

#Nature #Depression #Walk #hike #negativity #Positivity #post #Blog #Curious #Mindfulness #Grattitude #Family #Trying #Recovery

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Hummingbird Feeder

Did you know hummingbirds are the smallest migrating bird? And they don't migrate in flocks. A hummingbird will travel, alone, up to 500 miles at a time. #Nature #Hummingbird

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Checking In

I thought it was about time to check in again, also got some pics of the hummingbird feeder outside my window.

It's day 2 of this migraine, had the pain yesterday, fuzzy aura today. Otherwise things are going pretty well. I'm trying to express my thoughts more to my family (my fiancee, his mom, and his son), it feels pretty good. I got into genealogy a little recently and found out I'm like 1/8 Swedish, I think it's pretty cool to think my ancestors could've been badass vikings, it's kinda empowering to me too. My birthday was a little over a month ago and I went to the new age store and got a book called Witchcraft Therapy, it's a lot about manifestation and putting your energy towards good things, I like it. I go to the dentist later today for fillings, unfortunately medicaid turned down the authorization for the root canals and crowns so I don't know what I'm going to do about that. Still kicking around the idea of sending my parents a letter (I cut off contact 3 1/2 years ago).

So yeah, things are pretty good on average. I hope everyone else is hanging in there, if you need to talk message me, I'm on at least once a day.

#CheckInWithMe #Migraine #Nature #Dentist #ancestry #Reconciliation #Book #manifestation

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Cute bright dandelion 🥰

Grateful for beautiful nature :) today what are you grateful for? #Nature #Grattitude #Photo #newhobbymaybe #Picture #flower #dandelion #cute #yellow

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Nature is Beautiful

Yesterday after a rain shower, we were graced with a big beautiful rainbow! #rainbow , #Nature ,
# distraction therapy, #Sarcoidosis
#multiple illnesses

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