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Ahhh coffee

That first cup of coffee Saturday morning.
May your coffee or tea be just like you like it today☕️☕️
#coffee #Depression #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Burnout #Anxiety

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The biggest battle is getting out of bed!

Today I have two appts shrink and therapy I was up a lot with adrenaline rushes and I’m tired. I am the one always giving encouragement but today I just could use a pep talk as I stare at my salt water to drink and coffee. I know it will be a great day once I get up and get moving but when your tired it’s hard to do that. I look forward to my time with God so that motivates me and then hanging with my dog and child. But man on these exhausted days I could use a full on cheer squad 😂anyone else feel me?

#POTS #AutonomicDysfunction #GAD #ChronicFatigue #Anxiety #Adrenaline #exhaustion #Hope #coffee #professionalovercomer

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New Years Resolution #Depression #Anxiety #Relationships #PTSD #Hope #FamilyAndFriends #coffee #MentalHealth

As the new year looms closer I have been thinking about what New Years resolution I will make. After spending 7 weeks and having 7 surgeries this year I thought about a resolve to stay out of hospital. Nope. I have a small cardiac surgery already scheduled.

So I will repeat this years. I will only drink coffee on days ending in “Y”. It’s a winner.

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#coffee #Peets

Snapped this photo this morning while I was on my exercise walk at the mall. Sometimes it is good to go before everything is open for business

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Midday #coffee

I was running late this afternoon but had to try the holiday spice hot foam almond latte

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An overgeneralization opinion piece

America needs to take a nap. I'm sure a lot of other places do too, but I really think we're all just sleep deprived... And so hopped up on caffeine we don't realize it (I can't have caffeine, so I actually don't know from experience).

Personally, I feel exhausted trying to keep up with the world and what I feel is expected of me. Due to medical reasons, I can't have caffeine... "Have pity on me," I say. But the world never sleeps.

#coffee #Caffeine #caffeinefree #Fatigue #foreverfatigued #Depression

Photo from one of my walks

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I need a coffee. How about you?

Does anybody else want a #coffee right now?

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Coffee Addiction Outta Control

I have manic depression, and I KNOW I am really not supposed to consume caffeine (or anything that ends with “ine”). And I’ve received overwhelming confirmation that its effects are more harmful than beneficial…but for some reason lately it’s been so tough to break the addiction smh!! I cannot be the only person whose coffee/Starbucks/caffeine addiction is interrupting their entire life. Today, I did not have any caffeine, and my brain (which had a headache all day) and body craved it 90% of the whole day. I fought not getting some at work 😅. I really don’t know what to do to combat this addiction, and I want to fight it holistically. #help !!

#Bipolar #coffee #Starbucks #Depression #Anxiety #SurvivalMode #Addiction #Recovery #suggestions

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#coffee and #MentalHealth Talk

Hello Everyone.

I saw this at Starbucks earlier. I wanted to share the love over a cup of coffee. Whatever your favorite beverage is, sip it, and breathe in and out fresh air. Sometimes we have to remember the simple things as sweet and comforting at a cup of coffee. 💛

How Are You Today???

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