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Hi everyone. I’ve been struggling with many things for a few years, especially the past two since my Dad passed away. I didn’t have any support then and I turned to eating every night to tune out the pain. I feel like I need OA which I’ve been looking into, but I’m wondering what else I can do to feel better. Now that I’ve been doing this like every day for two years, my body feels very sick and after I eat too much my heart pounds like crazy. It feels scary because I dont know what the overeating may have done to my heart and the rest of my body, and I want to find out but my regular doctor can’t see me until next month, and my gi doctor cant see me til the 27th. I feel like I’m out here floundering around alone, not really knowing that to do or who to go to, and it feels really scary.

This may be tmi, but part of my problem is that the eating is on top of severe, chronic constipation, and I’ve read that overeating can actually cause constipation, so I’ve been in a very painful endless loop of these two things for a long time. I feel so helpless and so sick and I have no idea how to better. (Aside from OA which I think will help alot)

Has anyone ever gone through something like this and how did you cope and get better?

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Waiting for more #ChronicPain #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Arthritis #CervicalInstability #gastroproblems

Some days are worse than others. Some days are easier to cope. It’s hard to be in agony when you’re surrounded by a world that stigmatizes chronic pain and pictures it a specific way. I’m here, I’m standing, and yet my bones are slipping. My head is splitting and my insides are killing. I think our invisible illnesses are not invisible for our sake but for the sake of others... I wish people asked more questions and acknowledged our pain. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t always see it and a lot of my doctors don’t understand it. To be our own advocates are just as exhausting as our illnesses. Just sitting here and hoping for a better day. #exhausted

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