Sometimes it feels like we are running so fast we can't catch up to ourselves. Kind of like when you see the video is of a vehicle sliding on the ice and the back of the vehicle spinning around to the front out of control.

There was a time when I was 15 years old I went on holidays with my aunt and uncle into the mountains of British Columbia. we were climbing up a mountain, there is a formation of Spires or pointy rocks that were sticking out and you could go around these but there is a drop off about 6 feet and I decided to jump it. I did not realize what a bad idea this was until I was running down the mountain and I felt like my legs were just touched the mountain and jerked behind me I was going so fast. Eventually I just kind of sat down and started grabbing onto whatever I could and I pulled the tree right out small tree but nonetheless I pulled the tree right out and grabbed onto another small tree and eventually stopped myself and I was so scared I couldn't move. Things were spinning out of control so fast in my mind and my body wouldn't move, it was like I was paralyzed. I went for a moving so fast to not being able to move at all. That was many moons ago. I can still feel that tingly feeling inside of me from that exact same day. It changed my mental health, it changed my view of fear, a fear that never left.

Sometimes when life gets like that we just need to slow down. We need to learn to recognize that life is spinning out of control sometimes and we are maybe running too fast for what we are capable of in this season. Life isn't a race, we are all different, on a different journey, at a different speed. So going forward let's try let's try real hard to slow our pace slower life down to something we can handle, something we can manage, something that doesn't put us in a box where we're more likely to spiral. There is no need to crash land every time things get running out of control every time we struggle every time our mental health waivers which it will. There's no need to hurt ourselves, there's no need to take unnecessary jumps, but don't be afraid to take the necessary jumps or the necessary steps.

Each of us are on our own mental health journey unique interesting beautiful, how cool would it be if we could learn from each other instead of comparing or feeling less than, to be encouraged to lifted up from others stories and victories. To use others journeys as a form of accountability to our own mental health journey back to health. Learn, adapt, be open to change, and you/I will change. Fact.

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