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The Power of Love

<p>The Power of Love</p>
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Instead Love Them

<p>Instead Love Them</p>
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If you need to hear this-

<p>If you need to hear this-</p>
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Happy Valentines Day

<p>Happy Valentines Day</p>
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I’m new here, but not new to the feeling 💜

<p>I’m new here, but not new to the feeling 💜</p>
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I Am Not Alone

I have learned in the past 20 years which people in my life are willing to learn, support and fight alongside me through the bad times and which ones won’t. My first chronic# illness diagnosis was in 1995, the last one was 2021. Somewhere in between, I became disabled. You would think that a vast amount of time between illnesses would make things easier but unfortunately that is not the case.

I have experienced more pain than I ever imagined or would want to, limitations of things I can no longer do and the undeniable lack of energy and fatigue on any given day. My social life has become non-existent, my interests have waned, and my talents have fallen to the waste side. Despite these things, I have slowly adapted, accomplishing tasks in new and different ways. Frustration, anger and tears reared their ugly head on many occasions as everyone around me either refused to accept these limitations or insinuated that I was faking or lying…. even doctors.

Support and love took time to show itself. I realized that family and friends were in the same stages of grief as I was and took a while to come to terms with the new me. I‘ve come to recognize that I am not alone….even though I am the one with the diagnosis, it affects everyone around me. I watch in wonder now as those who were hard pressed to accept my illnesses, now go out of their way to assist me, show support and allow me to lean on them when I need it, all without hesitation.

I am attempting to change my perspective on disability and chronic illness from fear and anxiety to a new mindset with a focus on building better relationships as well as allow myself to acknowledge that I am not in this alone.

#autoimmune #notalone #Disabled #Survivor #chronic

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Running Down The Mountain

<p>Running Down The Mountain</p>
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Christmas at Universal Studios

<p>Christmas at Universal Studios</p>
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Community Voices

I see you. I am you.

<p>I see you. I am you.</p>
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