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How do you incorporate lost loved ones into special occasions or holidays?

<p>How do you incorporate lost loved ones into special occasions or holidays?</p>
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Today's Therapy Session..

.... opened up some wounds. Ate me alive. Blew my mind. Put shit into perspective.

Attachment Styles was the main topic after talking about roadtrip anxieties.

Y'all, I'm part of the "fearful" group of Attachment Styles. & when I was reading it, my heart sank to the floor. Made complete sense.

Now, here I lay on my bed trying to put all these emotions/thoughts/feelings on paper yet nothing is happening.

I wanted this journey. I'm going to fight this journey.

To my inner child, I'm sorry. You're safe now. You're more loved than before. You're protected. I love you.

#Anxiety #Depression #Insomnia #Therapy #Migraines #Healing #GAD #CheckInWithMe #PTSD #Trauma

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Moving from surviving to thriving.

<p>Moving from surviving to thriving.</p>
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Community Voices
Community Voices

Mental & Physical Health

<p>Mental & Physical Health</p>
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Sacred Dreams

<p>Sacred Dreams</p>
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What has helped you the most in processing your grief?

<p>What has helped you the most in processing your grief?</p>
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Today's Car Talk...

<p>Today's Car Talk...</p>
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I don’t feel so lonely anymore

Last year I was hospitalized due to rejection from my Dad. So I am coping by writing this. Trigger warning: I do talk about the suicide ideation I went through. Anyway, I hated that I had to be hospitalized but I have no regrets. I really needed it. I’m grateful to be alive.
#CPTSD #SuicideIdeation #Healing

Feel the pain in my chest
Try to cope through this day
father, father, no father here today

Satin’s trying to get a grip of my pain
I hear his lies
You’re not good enough
You should die

This day last year
I wished you a happy day
You turned and said never wish me a happy Father’s Day
All I did was give you life
Don’t wish me a happy day
You weren’t a guest at my wedding

Snowball effect
Got trigged by my best friend
Rejected by my uncle
He put me in my place
My sis did the same thing

The pain is too strong
Start getting ready
Cause I won’t be here anymore

SUN is calling
I’m on my last string

Friends surround me
They take me to a place
Where there’s others like me

I see them
Like me

When the pain comes
I go to that place
And I see those people
Just like me
Living through the pain
Fighting for their lives
I don’t feel so lonely anymore

Rhea, Karina
Your spirit gives me strength

Keep fighting
Keep breathing
I see you give me strength

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Reminder Alarms

..... who has their "alarms" section of their phone set with reminders?! For example, an alarm set to get outside.
An alarm set to go to the gym.
An alarm set to do a small task you've been trying to accomplish yet that ugly depression cloud has been hovering over for quite some time.
An alarm to do one of your favorite hobbies.
An alarm set to write in your journal.
An alarm set to basically be productive..

My therapist has mentioned it to me. My random thoughts have also mentioned it to me yet that silly anxiety/depression of overwhelming distracts me & my alarm section remains empty.

I wanna start being more productive after work & on wknds yet I come home & just lay on my bed. I don't like that feeling. That's not who I am. My laundry has been clean in my basket for months. I just add to it. My art desk is a mess with random junk when it was originally clean with a project to start each week. My apt is dirty. More dusty than dirty. I've been falling back into that dark space & I need to get out.

I've been looking on pinterest for small activities to do around town. Indoors. Restaurants to continue trying. Art projects to try. Healing/Shadow work journal prompts. Yet, here I sit on my bed on my phone..

I can't be the only one with wanting my alarm section to be full of reminders yet leave it blank & hoping this grey cloud moves from above soon?!

#Anxiety #Depression #GAD #Insomnia #Therapy #Healing #Migraines #Trauma #PTSD #CheckInWithMe

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