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Adventures in fun and regret?

I went to a dance class 2 days ago! Me and my husband had fun, but my back and knees are still kind of paying for it. I didn't even do that much, just some partner steps, really. Somehow this gave me horrible back and knee pain yesterday and mild-moderate pain today. It's stupid to say this because nothing is fair... But I spent most of my life afraid to do anything and now that I'm trying to branch out and have adventures and live life, I have these conditions hindering my ability to experience things in a fully positive way. It makes me angry and sad. I don't regret doing the fun things but I wish I didn't have to hurt so much. #ChronicPain #Depression #Fibromyaliga #BackPain #Arthritis #Gettingoutthere #adventures


A Good Run! 🏃🏻‍♀️

My anxiety has become so severe that I find it difficult to leave the house some days. I’ve felt and feel so trapped, isolated and frightened. Being around more than three people is so overwhelming and crowds bring on panic attacks.

Running was so important to me. It was my release, if I felt like I wasn’t coping or things were getting too much, I would just run and it would make me feel better. I tore the ligament in my ankle a few years ago and this took my coping strategy away. I think this had a massive impact on my overall mental health and it declined.

Today I got back out there. I’m no where near as fit as I used to be, I’ve also put on weight so it was harder, but today I ran for 2.5 miles. It felt good, I was outside and I very am proud of myself! I don’t know whether this will be the game changer as I was finally able to push through the feeling of not wanting to leave the house. I think exercise will be key in my recovery and getting my life back on track again. #Running #Gettingoutthere #Feelingpositive