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Having a decent morning

I woke up at 8am and took a shower to get ready for my 10am appointment with my caseworker. She got here on time and we went to 7-Eleven for drinks and I got cigarettes. Then we went back to my apartment and sat in her car for 25 minutes. She took my vitals. My heart rate was high. Then she left and I went back in my apartment to get my lighter so I could have a smoke while I waited for my peer specialist. She's really sweet. She was running late and I knew we wouldn't get to the donut shop in time for the good donuts. But they had some huge cinnamon rolls and apple fritters. I got a half dozen donuts. The apple fritter is amazing. Crispy outside, fluffy inside, nice chunks of apple, and sweet glaze. Then we drove around talking for 15 minutes and then she took me home. It was a very good morning.

#MentalHealth #adventures


New flavor

Every month I try to get a new flavor of coffee syrup. This month I got toasted marshmallow. It just arrived today. Unfortunately I ran out of IQ Joe and I only have one serving of mud wtr left. Luckily I have plenty of regular coffee. Tomorrow I'll make the last of my mud wtr with the new syrup.

#coffee #adventures

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Today's coffee adventure

I'm brewing a pot of blueberry flavored coffee. I'm gonna mix it with some mocha IQ Joe, salted caramel syrup, and oat milk. IQ Joe has 200mg of caffeine. I haven't drank any IQ Joe in almost a month. I've been drinking the mud wtr mostly. But I'm feeling wonderful today so I'm treating myself to something nice.

#adventures #CheerMeOn #GoodDay

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Adventures in fun and regret?

I went to a dance class 2 days ago! Me and my husband had fun, but my back and knees are still kind of paying for it. I didn't even do that much, just some partner steps, really. Somehow this gave me horrible back and knee pain yesterday and mild-moderate pain today. It's stupid to say this because nothing is fair... But I spent most of my life afraid to do anything and now that I'm trying to branch out and have adventures and live life, I have these conditions hindering my ability to experience things in a fully positive way. It makes me angry and sad. I don't regret doing the fun things but I wish I didn't have to hurt so much. #ChronicPain #Depression #Fibromyaliga #BackPain #Arthritis #Gettingoutthere #adventures