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    although its still tough, I'm viewing my recent 15 year break-up as a positive. I got to experience a love like some dont for a lot of years,had 2 beautiful girls and tons of great memories. How can that elbe a bad thing? #greatfulness

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    I am a women that has a mental problems But by help of prayer and help from my group of community and friends I have a safe heaven. I am greatful that for help. I had flit so hurt so down because of memories of racism. I am greatful for I can speak out with my community about my greatfulness of lost and yet release the hurt

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    #smallwins #greatfulness #Christians

    15 weeks pregnant. .. no meds.... pregnancy symptoms wreaking havoc... tension and sinus headaches ..low energy. .. low mood... low key anxiety. .. frustration... heavy-headedness ... sleepiness. .. all counterproductive. .

    but today... in the midst of tension headache. ..and not sending my daughter to school because I couldn't get her ready... in the midst of all that..

    God is good. ..

    I managed to make an egg an cheese omelet.... for breakfast. .and eat it...can't say how.. can't say will power. ... still having the headache still tired. still trying to figure out how today is gonna go. .. (sigh imma leave that to You Lord)..

    but for the first time in 8 days.. a solid breakfast. .. yes . small things are a big deal...

    I'm #greatful #thankyouLord #smallwins #smallmercies


    The Gong #MentalHealth

    So many people say "just be happy" and I'm not so sure that it's really possible to intentionally be happy.

    What is possible is intentionally being grateful. I can make the intentional choice to be grateful each and every day. Somehow when taking the time to notice the little things and being grateful for them you start to notice the bits of you that are happy when you didn't even realize it.
    It takes practice. Lots of it. It isn't easy to note the little things and practice gratitude daily. It can be done though. I have an app on my phone that sounds a gong randomly twice a day, I call it the Gratefulness Gong. When it sounds, I stop what I am doing and try to find what I am grateful for in that exact moment. When other people are around, I ask them to do the same. Not one person in the 6+ months I have been doing it has shamed me or refused. In fact, most people are grateful for my asking because gratefulness feels darn good.

    It's an excellent way to be honest about your mental health too. You can't hide the sound and most people ask- what was that? I explain it's to remind me to be grateful and present in the moment and then share the opportunity to be grateful with them. Most people put thought into it and smile because ultimately gratefulness feels good!
    #grateful #greatfulness #MentalHealth #Happiness