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Is knotting and pulling my own hair self harm? I don't think it is, just a nervous habit. #Hairpulling




I just read and saw the pictures for the Depression page that keeps popping up and I wanted to share my story in the hopes it may help even one person.

Shortly after my son was born, I developed cystic acne and I started picking at my skin. There were days I just couldn’t stop. This went on for years. I remember sitting in front of my mirror balling my eyes out on my 40th birthday because I just couldn’t stop. FYI: Skin-picking and hair-pulling are in the same category, so what works for one, should work for the other. Not sure about OCD, but it’s something you may consider.

HERE’S WHERE THE STORY GETS INTERESTING... One day my cleaning lady and I were speaking about it (I never picked in front of her, but it was kind of obvious). She had been quite the wild child in her youth and told me people who use Meth pick there skin.

THIS IS THE PART THAT MAY HELP YOU. So, the next time I visited my psychiatrist I asked him which chemical in the brain does Meth effect and he answered dopamine. I then asked if it increased or decreased dopamine levels. He answered that it increased levels. My next question was, what medication can you prescribe me that will lower my dopamine levels. He prescribed an antipsychotic (I’m in the process of getting the exact name and dosage and will post as soon as my records arrive).

I took the medication for about two months and I quit picking completely! I WAS CURED!!! I continued taking the medication for about six months and then tapered off of it. I DIDN’T PICK FOR YEARS!!!

I started taking Gabapentin a while ago and I think my dopamine levels have gone back up because I’m picking again. I’m waiting for my records to arrive to get the name of the med because it was prescribed so long ago. As soon as I get it, my current psychiatrist is ready to prescribe with only a call. I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress as I go through it a second time. I sincerely hope this helps someone! #skinpicking #ExcoriationSkinPickingDisorder #Dermatillomania #HairpullingDisorder #Hairpulling #Trichotillomania #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder


How do you fight against... #Dermatillomania #Trichotillomania #Hairpulling #BFRB #DissociationDisorders #BodyFocusedRepetitiveBehaviors

It seems like an endless battle of constantly pulling, plucking and digging and healing only to go right back. I’m getting to the age of having professional jobs and it helps me with self awareness of my face, specifically eyebrows and eyelashes. At the same time it’s so hard to keep from picking off mascara to “accidentally “ pulling out an eyelash. I’ve been working on the 30 day challenge where you can stop a habit from not doing it for 30 days. I was really proud of my self seeing hair growth but you know how that goes..