I grew up with a family where our culture has women being submissive and voiceless. Mental health is so taboo.. Talking about being depressed is taboo.. Because of that, I experienced childhood traumas, adult traumas, and until recently a few years, I decided to do something about it. I seemed help from a therapist. I seemed help from a doctor and got on anti depressants. When my dad died Dec 2020, that dose of anti depressants weren't working for me anymore, so my doctor doubled my dose, and I felt fine. I am on meds for migraines. I have switched anti depressants twice, and migraine meds twice as well. I joke and say I feel like a lab rat experiment with all the change in doses and meds. But it's just what I need to get through life. #Medicated #Anxiety #Depression #Itsokay #HealYourself