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Sometimes you need to be on meds and that's okay.

I grew up with a family where our culture has women being submissive and voiceless. Mental health is so taboo.. Talking about being depressed is taboo.. Because of that, I experienced childhood traumas, adult traumas, and until recently a few years, I decided to do something about it. I seemed help from a therapist. I seemed help from a doctor and got on anti depressants. When my dad died Dec 2020, that dose of anti depressants weren't working for me anymore, so my doctor doubled my dose, and I felt fine. I am on meds for migraines. I have switched anti depressants twice, and migraine meds twice as well. I joke and say I feel like a lab rat experiment with all the change in doses and meds. But it's just what I need to get through life. #Medicated #Anxiety #Depression #Itsokay #HealYourself

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Well, I won’t lie, this was totally me this morning. Literally woke up 20mins before I was due to start work. So, the day that followed was as rough as having to rush out of bed. My anxiety has been through the roof and my heart hasn’t stopped racing. So, an early night for me tonight. Have a day, everyone 💚. #Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #Medicated #monday #Depression #MentalHealth #LateForWork #emotional