Raising our son has always been a joy. We have two grown daughters and one of them had inherited genes for depression and anxiety and had to be medicated at the age of 8. But our other daughter has always been strong and healthy. We always thought our son was too. He has had a few issues in school with being overwhelmed but we dealt with it as it came and moved on. He has a wonderful comedic personality and people love to be around him. He also has a strong faith in God. Little did I understand that comedy is one way to deal with depression to help hide what’s really going on. Last year as a sophomore in high school he went to his counselor and said “if I have to endure this everyday, I’d rather not be here.” This was our big awakening. We self checked him into a clinic for a week to help him sort out what he was feeling. They put him on a very low dose antidepressant which seemed to help. We unenrolled him from school to give him some time. We have since moved states, and although he was very excited to move, the depression has returned. He has reduced his medication on his own. He isn’t opposed to taking it but doesn’t really like the idea of having to rely on it full time. We are needing to establish a Dr in this area to help us with getting more and I’m looking into therapy for us all. He has no desire to go back to school, to drive, or to work. He doesn’t sleep and has major social anxiety. I pray a lot. I have ask him to join this app to feel a connection with others.