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What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. #ADHD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Autism #Depression #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder #ClinicalDepression

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hi, i’m new on here. i’m going in for psychiatric testing on the 31st of jan. i’ve already been diagnosed with adjustment disorder with anxiety and depressed moods, generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and binge eating disorder. i personally believe i also have panic disorder. my counselor and my psychiatrist believe there is a good chance that i have ADHD, but my counselor said she wouldn’t be surprised if the ADHD traits that i show are actually just worsening anxiety. i also have many, many OCD tendencies, but i haven’t been diagnosed with that, yet anyways. im on a few different medications. just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences or anything 💗 #ADHD #OCD #ClinicalDepression #AnxietyDisorder #ADD

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How does thunder and lightning affect you after you have taken your prescription meds and you're in a deep sleep?

Thunderstorms + Chronic Depression #Depression #BipolarDisorder #ClinicalDepression

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The friends I had treated me:

18% ●
Friends treated me like I was from another planet
19% ●
Friends just stared at me from a distance
3% ●
Friends changed their cellphone number
33% ●
My friends were so supportive
3% ●
My friend told me she has bipolar as well
4% ●
My boyfriend dumped me
3% ●
My girlfriend dumped me
13% ●
My boyfriend was very supportive
1% ●
My girlfriend was very supportive
4% ●
My so-called loser friends blocked my number
78 votes
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How do you get out when you're feeling isolated?

This can be done by taking a walk; exercise be mindful that the outdoors frequently helps. Keep trying new things until you find something you like. #Depression #BipolarDisorder #ClinicalDepression

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Have you taken advantage of FMLA - Family Medical Leave on the job for days you just can't get out of bed? Due to depression symptoms

Feel free to answer in the comment section below. #bipolardisrder #Depression #ClinicalDepression #ourdepressedworld

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Feeling Empty

Most days, I feel like I'm just going through the motions of existing. Mentally and emotionally, I am drained. Physically, I am exhausted.

A lot of the time, I barely feel any emotion as I do what I can to suppress them. Why? I got tired of the accusations of being "too emotional". Of being told to "calm down" and "express myself" in a "rational and adult manner".

When I DO allow myself to feel emotional, it's like the proverbial burst dam. Everything comes out and it's word vomit that makes no sense.

I'm just so tired of not being heard.

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I'm really not sure how to get through this. I work in a factory where we do swing shift. so 2 weeks days 2 weeks nights. I'm usually able to manage on day shift to force myself to go to work but as soon as night shift comes along I try to do anything to get out of having to go to work. I'm so anxious I'm having physical symptoms as well as mental symptoms. I've been feeling like a failure. like I'm letting people down. that I'm a disappoint. that people are better off without me. I see a pysch on a regular basis and am on 2 types of medication that don't seem to help at all and I've been on what feels like a zillion different ones. has anyone had this problem? I have #PanicDisorder #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #ClinicalDepression

cute photo of my puppy for a little cheer up.


My story

On the 28th of may 2022 I tried to end my life by trying to jump off the bridge in my hometown. This is my story. A few months before this I could feel my mental health going down hill, I just tried to brush it off and get on with life I did that until may. I knew my birthday was the month after May and my mental health was so bad I knew I didn’t want to see 22. I had made a plan to jump off the bridge in town I just needed to pick the right date and time. On the 28th I knew I was going to be on a night out so I picked that date. That morning I woke up and I felt like I had genuinely hit rock bottom I’d felt like it for weeks but hid it with a simple smile. I went to work and did the job and clocked out, I went home and got ready to go out. That night I knew was the night I drank a lot but that was part of my plan. After the nightclub ended I became detached from my friends they couldn’t find me I walked alone towards the bridge and in my head I was like I smiled tonight may they all always remember me for being wild and fun. I didn’t cry didn’t smile I had no emotions the minute I got onto the bridge I looked down and I got this feeling I never got before this feeling of all this pains goinb to go away once you jump. I didn’t think of anyone or anything not my mother brothers sisters friends no one all I could think was how better off they are without me. Just as I was going to climb over the Bridge to jump my friend grabbed me and pulled me back I tried to push him off me he went and told the guards and they pulled me and put me into the back of the car and took me home to my mother. This was when I completely broke down to my mother. I completely broke down because I was still here and all I wanted to do was die. My mother was shocked to find out how bad my mental health was and texted my uncle and he came down from Dublin and brought me to limerick a+e where I was seen by a mental health nurse I told him everything and he asked me was I safe to go home I was honest and told him no and he referred me to a psychiatric hospital where I was met by a doctor and I told him everything and he admitted me. The first two weeks were hard very hard the feeling of Rock bottom and hopelessness was so strong I thought I’d never get out of it but I was put on the right medication and I’m starting to feel good again. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my friend, my plan to jump off the bridge and make it look like a drunken mistake had failed and it really is thanks to him. I’m still here 22 now and staying hopeful for a better brighter future and getting better the whole event changed my life forever but I know I do have support and great help. I have a family who loved me and I have friends who love me too. I still have a long way in my journey with counselling, psychology, cbt to treat and help with my ptsd and major clinical depressive disorder. These mental illness will always be apart of my life but I just have to find ways of coping and dealing with them and know when to go to the doctor before it gets worse. But I’m not going to give up I’m going to fight this with all the strength I have, because depression is never ever going to win again!
Thank you for letting me share my story with you all.

Molly x
#ClinicalDepression #psychiatriccare #gettingbetter

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I need help.

Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing good.
This is a long post but please read it if you can.
I've been inactive here for more than a year now. Due to my mental illness, I was not able to keep up with things. Personally, and Socially. I need some advice and if anyone could help, that woul be great.
I have completed my graduation and I'm about to complete B.Ed (Bachelor of Education), this is a degree that you need to have in order to go into the academic field. I want to become a professor. On fourth of July I'll complete my B.Ed and then I'll be eligible to teach in school upto class 8th as I have done only undergraduation and not postgraduation. After completing undergraduation and B.Ed, one is eligible to teach in schools upto class 8th in India, and if you have completed your postgraduation, then you're eligible to teach upto class 12th.
But the thing is I want to be a college teacher (a professor) and for that I have to do M.A. (postgraduation) and then clear NET (National Eligibility Test) and after that I'll be eligible to teach in colleges. But I have to give an entrance exam to study M.A. and I was not able to prepare for it at all due to my increasing mental health issues. And now I've my entrance exam some time in August, most probably. And I can't prepare all of it in such a short duration of time. If I'm not able to clear the entrance exam this time, I want to take a drop year and study for the entrance and then give it again. But my parents are not supporting this decision. They are saying that if I clear my entrance exam this time, then I can study from Delhi. Otherwise, I can study from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. I've done my undergraduation from University of Delhi, and now I want to do my postgraduation from JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). Both these universities are the top most universities of India and after having the experience of University of Delhi, I want to get an experience of JNU. I've set my level according to that. And studying from Raipur, Chhattisgarh (where I live currently) is not appealing to me at all. The level of education over here is not as good as Delhi not is the environment.
But my parents want me to get a job as well and their suggestion is that I apply for a job at a school and then do my M.A. simultaneously. But I don't want this. I want to do my M.A. properly, clear NET and then become a professor. My school teachers are also suggesting me to apply for a job at a school.
All this is very confusing. My aim was fixed but due to all this I'm having multiple doubts. This is increasing my mental health issues a lot. I have depression and anxiety disorder and my self-esteem is becoming low day by day. It's getting worse with time and with so much pressure and confusion. If anyone of you can suggest as to what I should do, then please suggest, it would be of great help.
Please tell me from the options below:
1.) I should take a drop year if I don't clear my entrance exam this time. And then give it again next year. (The entrance exam is for University of Delhi and JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
2.) I should apply for a job at a school and then do my M.A. from Raipur, Chhattisgarh.
3.) I should do my M.A. from Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Then clear NET and then apply for a job at a college.
Or any other suggestion that you want to give apart from the ones mentioned above.
Please help me.

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