Hi, my name is Cat Vonnegut (pen name). I'm here because I need a place to write about and often vent about health and mental health. I'm also working on a lot of projects including writing fictionally and may test some of the material here as much of the content is derived from my life struggles and the lives of close friends and family.

Today's thoughts: I don't want to think I'm a narcissist, but (and nothing good is followed by a but, is it?) I do find myself saying, "What about me?" a lot.

Am I neglected or just needy? How does one tell the difference between the two? Well, if you've come here for answers, I have good news, I don't have them. Why is that good news? You're not alone in being dumb and lost for answers. We're dumb together. They say misery loves company.... well, you're welcome. I came along for the misery ride before you even knew we were in the same bandwagon.

(P.S. My writing can be blunt and crass at times. I by no means mean myself or anyone else is dumb. TW: I write some shock comedy and satire, etc.)

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