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Is Yoga ok for DDD and back pain? #stayathomewithchronicpain

Hello everyone! Hope your Body (back) isnt flaring up alot during these hard times..

My PT is closed due to the virus soo I wanted to try something new, and not so hard for my back: So I tried yoga.. I already did it last week but I was soo sore so I gave it a shot again this Monday.

And since Monday im in agony.. cannot even walk and bend my #knees cause the pain goes down till my left knee (around and below) and left leg. Im just feeling down. Im tired of this pain and this lockdown..

Has anyone tried yoga and does it help with your pain? I have #DDD L3-L4 & L5-S1 with #herniateddisk and #sciaticapain. And how do you deal with your chronic pain during this scary period?

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any relief for #migrain? my head is exploding

its been since Monday that I have non stop headaches and nausea.. as if my #ChronicPain due to #DDD and #herniateddisk is not enough 😵

please give me any relief or hacks to "heal" this.. I already feel bad not being able to go to my PT because my head aches so bad and Im afraid I might throw up :/

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just a fellow chronic pain victim here #DDD #herniateddisk

Hello everyone! So ive been reading all yoir wisdom thoughts and stories for quiet awhile now. And I think its time to talk about myself. Im Rofel, 29 yo and living in Brussels Belgium. luckily I have my family around and I have a very caring fiancé ❤

Ive always had bad back, it started when I was training to work in the child care/early years training that I had my 1st #lumbago flair up on 2012 /2013. Drs said it was just a lumbago and luckily the pain went away.

It came back on November 2018 while working as a nanny for a 11 month old boy. we were at the park when I felt my back got blocked. luckily my work place wasnt far and I could walk after a few minutes of blockage. My boss sent me to the ER, and they didnt even do some tests or whatsover, just lumbago, pain meds and thats it. i went back to work and got some ttime off for the holidays..

just before going back to work on January 2019, I had a major flair up, but worse this time. I couldnt move, couldnt walk and would cry because of pain. the ER did finally some test where we saw #degenerativediskdisease & some serious case of lumbago. i felt bad for my boss but I couldnt come back till end of february due to pain. when it went better, i tried to come back but I just hold thru sadly 15 days before my back just got worse (while putting the baby down to sleep).

so since March 15 2019 Im in #Disability . that new kind of pain worried me so i got to see a rhumatologist, did some test and we finally get to see whats wrong with me:
#degenerativediskdisease L4-L5 L5-S1
##herniateddisk L5-S1

since then Im just doing some #physiother and #osteopath from time to time. the pain just persists and at some point of my life i just get #depress with what the heck is happening to me.

the spécialiste i saw also told me it would be better If i look for a new field of job but i just love working with children.

im just fed up of all of this.. my PT said i should continue and never give up but everything's just the same as day 1 :( sorry for the rant but thats my life now.