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trying to ask for help

I think I'm getting better. I'm trying to get better but the overwhelming and ludicrous thoughts are still here. I usually tell myself to shut up. I'm trying to figure a way of how I can ask my parents for therapy. And I might have a psychotic problem. :) #depress

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I painted this it was already drawn on, but I did the painting part. I think everyone needs a pick me up and I know what it's like to be depressed, on drug and, homeless. I hope I can help others.

#depress #PTSD


Anyone want to talk? #fightingeachday #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder

I have had surgery for my right ovarian cyst near the end May did not expect to come of surgery and suffer catatonia from general anesthesia. I ended up in a catatonic state after surgery after anaesthesia and was moved by ambulance from the private hospital where I had my surgery to a public hospital ICU for three days and then to neurology ward where I had lost the use of my right side. I woke up not able to use my right side and lost all of my independence that day when I woke up. I was diagnosed with FND and eventually told there was nothing could do and sent me home on a stretcher after weeks in hospital via medical ambulance transport. Now home I m so depressed because before all of this I had my independence even though I was limping to get around but now my right side is useless and I have to relearn everything. I feel like a burden to everyone cause need their help. I need rehab but it is not possible right now cause of really strict lockdown where I live and support cannot even come to my house to give me support. I m trying not to give up. Can anyone talk with me? #NeedSupport #depress


#depress #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #CBT #Friendship #MorbidObesity

Been using noom to help find a better way to lose weight (because diabetes and heart disease.) It's based on cognitive behavioral therapy and designed to help you challenge unhealthy thoughts and habits so you can sustain weight loss by changing your relationship to food, movement, and replacing old habits with positive sustainable habits. However, today's lesson had to do with choosing a friend to be accountable to. It asked me to pause and reflect on things. I don't like to do that because the contents of my head can be scary and dark...lots of spaces like that inside. Due to my own issues, among other things, my life has been very lonely and isolated. I didn't and still don't connect with people because if I can't stand to me around me sometimes (less now than in the past) how can I ask someone, anyone to be my friend. Honestly I don't have any friends. Want to be held and take a nap. Don't have anyone (other than my therapist) to talk to and no one who really knows me. Don't want to whine..which is exactly what this sounds like to me. Sorry.


#NewYear #depress #Loneliness

My 1st day of the new year has me feeling worried about the thing i don't know, feeling down all day, tired, soulless and sleep all day long. I video call my parents and feel a little comfort by seeing them. At least i know they are happy and i can be happy for that

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Que Sera

This is my fav song I have it looped so it plays over and over. Music is so powerful with healing .

Que Sera. By Justice Crew

I’m recovering well to the point I am going home tomorrow yeah 😆 with lots of limitations in place 😓

What is your favourite song?

#ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #depress #Anxiety #ChildhoodSexualAbuse #Trauma # chronicpain #Recovery

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This NEW way of life .....

I have been ok since things started to go back to some form of normality, schools etc .My littlest one has just started his new daycare and has to go as I am online in classes etc 5 days a week so Its better for him ,but I cannot help have this horrible feeling of guilt and anxiety when they're away now 😢! Having so much time together ,even though there was moments of me shouting,deep breathing and complete meltdowns at times of all stuck in a small space it was time that if hadn't been for this would have ever really got . but I just cant shake this anxiety about it all today .
Hate this horrible feeling just wish could get a few days break from it constantly!.......
#Anxiety #ItsOkNotToBeOk #Depression #depress #Parenting #stressed #Bekind


Where’s the best place to live in the US for Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain sufferers ? #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Musclepain #depress

I’ve already searched online for answers to this question with NO success, as each website contradicts each other. So now I turn to those with personal experience. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.