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Bilateral knee swelling

Do any of the bendybunch have swellings on both knees that are identical? I constantly twist and or sprain my knees ( and ankles) but just wondering if I am alone with this anomaly as my doctor is puzzled and rheumatology appointment and musculoskeletal appointment are still not forthcoming after 2 years. I am hyper mobile in most of my joints but hips knees and ankles are the worst. ( my visual artistic approach to explaining took over 🙈 🎨) #EDS #bendy #Swelling #knees #Pain #ChronicPain #painwarrior #autoimmune


Is Yoga ok for DDD and back pain? #stayathomewithchronicpain

Hello everyone! Hope your Body (back) isnt flaring up alot during these hard times..

My PT is closed due to the virus soo I wanted to try something new, and not so hard for my back: So I tried yoga.. I already did it last week but I was soo sore so I gave it a shot again this Monday.

And since Monday im in agony.. cannot even walk and bend my #knees cause the pain goes down till my left knee (around and below) and left leg. Im just feeling down. Im tired of this pain and this lockdown..

Has anyone tried yoga and does it help with your pain? I have #DDD L3-L4 & L5-S1 with #herniateddisk and #sciaticapain. And how do you deal with your chronic pain during this scary period?

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