Every year there is an Anime Movie festival that, as a fanatic lover of all things anime, I attend most years.

This year however, due to finances, I (#Autistic #LateDiagnosis ) and my brother (also autistic and I am his #Carer #AutisticCarer ) so we decided to host our own festival.

Guy is excited to have his 2 best friends over, and I have a good Uni friend visiting for the fun.

Have probably over-catered the event but I get enjoyment from seeing others enjoy themselves, and I like baking and the prep.

The only issue I have is allowing someone in my room, which I have to do, that’s where my stigma lies.

Of course you can’t talk to anyone about it because explaining to them why you will HAVE to deep-clean your room and wash your bedding after them using it is both socially acceptable and down right rude.

Understandably so! I know I would be feel offence if I knew someone did after I left.

But it is something I will have to do to feel like I have reclaimed my space. Secretly and without discussion.