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    How do I shake off my bad day at work?

    I work as a Health Care Support Worker on a psychiatry female ward for women with EUPD and today we’ve had 12 incidencts, 2 ligatures and a ton of other shit! I’m back in tomorrow and am struggling mentally myself! #IStillHaveAnxiety #Depression



    When my doctor reduced the anti-anxiety medication before Christmas 2019 I panicked.It was the worse time to do such a thing. I called this doctor and I was told I am going to be an addict. I have been taking this dose for ten years and the same doctor prescribed it. I was doing well with that dose and it had not been increased. I didn’t know how I was going to handle the anxiety or what I was going to do.


    just can't

    i want to be able to show and be more expressive with my thoughts and emotions but lately in therapy i've been struggling with coming out and just saying what's on my mind. i feel scared to share my negative emotions and thoughts. its like i think it is bad to be feeling what emotions i'm feeling in an open space. i keep on holding in my emotions and try not to let people see them. i know it's unhealthy that i am doing this to myself but yet i still do it anyway. In my therapy sessions i'll have days where i am more open to talk than others but today especially was difficult for me because i didn't talk much and the topics that were brought up i just couldn't get myself to speak about such scary things.... i don't know if this happens to anyone else but today was just.... hard.... #MentalHealth #IStillHaveAnxiety

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    A crappy poem that can be read from the top or bottom

    So.... I can’t kill myself.
    My friends
    My Mother
    My Sister
    My grandma
    My dog
    They all count on me
    Although , life gets hard and I don’t want to try anymore
    I still can’t seem to give up.

    * I know life is tough and sometimes we just think about putting an end to it, but to combat that, I think about the people who need me. My family and friends, they need me there for them just as much as I need them even though I still think of killing myself everyday.
    Drop a poem if u can :))) I would like to read them and it doesn’t matter if it ain’t good XD

    #Lifeisworthliving #Yolo #IStillHaveAnxiety #Depression

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    Does anyone else feel a weird kind of guilt when they don't show up for people?

    Because you are almost as tired as they are of hearing either about your symptoms or your Fake fine. #BipolarDisorder #IStillHaveAnxiety #Loneliness

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    One thing

    I finished one thing today. Just one. Sure a lot of other small tasks. But one piece of a large puzzle that’s been weighing on my mind is done. I have a lot of “theater projects” for my job that have a deadline and I finished one today. That one thing, seemingly small to others, just took a ton of bricks off my shoulder. Now I feel like I’m carrying the world but maybe minus one continent. Still anxious, but man do I feel better. #Anxiety #anxiousbrain #IStillHaveAnxiety #frustration