has anyone ever had you a loved one confront you on a flaw that you have and it made you feel like you had change for that person... I know some people like me, twhen they hear that they themselves have a flaw, feel like trash being tossed away because they feel imperfect... just recently my boyfriend took me on a walk and he pointed out 2 flaws.. that i was too clingy and how I can overact when things are perfect. during the conversation quickly starting crying because my brain was screaming your not perfect. and then I got mad as if I trying to fight back the truth. after the talk I went to my dorm room and calmed myself down and just recollected myself and pieces of conversation and I realized that it all true and I need to accept the truth and change to better my relationship... i tried to talk about to some "outside" they said the general saying "your fine!! you great the way u are!! dont change your self for a man!!" but I have a question if ur loved one asked you to change your negative flaw that could effect your relationship!!! (this could be aggressive attitude, clinginess, or anything that effect ur relationships negatively with this said. person)WOULD YOU CHANGE YOURSELF FOR THEM!!!